We have puppies! This evening Octa gave birth to four lovely puppies: two boys and two girls. Dipsy is happy father of that litter. Puppies and their mother are feeling just perfect!

More info in Litters & Puppies section.


National dog show for hunting dogs in Spała was another pretty successful for our dogs.

Gino on his second show finally got his CAJC and additionally Junior BOB! Witchy once again got CAJC! Bipsy won his class getting CAC and he became Polish Champion!!!

Taraza and Ali making her debut show in Poland finished both with excellent notes.

Judging Andrzej Brabletz (PL)


Today evening Odiseia gave birth to five beautiful puppies: three boys and two girls! Father of this litter is our Bipsy (Novatica Bipsy Blaze). Both mother and puppies are doing just great!

More details in Litters & Puppies section.


Another very good show for Witchy, this time on national show for hunting dogs in Solec Kujawski. Witchy gets CAJC, Junior BOB and BOB! Bravo Witchy!!!

Gino is making his debut at the same show, he does it very nicely getting V1, but without CAJC.

Viridis and Shamiram are both finishing with V1 in their classes too.

Judging: Vladimir Piskay from Slovakia.


This year's CACIB show in Wroclaw was a debut show for three bitches of ours: young Bianca, our newcomer from Australia - Witchy in junior class and Viridis in intermediate. Bianca's debut was excellent, she got Very Promissing and an excellent critique of the judge! Witchy presented herself very well getting V2 and Viridis won her class getting her first CAC!

Judging: Olga Kuprianova Sinko (Slovenia).


We have puppies! Today our Omea gave birth to two beautiful girls. Father is J'Adore.

Mummy and puppies are feeling excellent!


Great results of Xanthippus, Shamiram and Artemis at Krakow CACIB! Xanthippus get once again CAJC, JrBOB and BOS! He completed his PL Junior Championship! Artemis was Best Veteran and completed her PL Veteran Championship! Finally Shamiram took all: CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!

Judging: Dorota Witkowska (PL)


Another excellent start of our Xanthippus and Artemis, this time on CAC show in Gostynin. Xanthippus was again CAJC, JrBOB and BOS and Artemis - Best Veteran, Veteran BOB and BOB!!! In addition Shamiram in her show debut got CAC!

Judging: Krystyna Szulc (PL).


Very good start of our Xanthippus at the CAC show in Radom, for the first time in junior class. Today he get CAJC, JrBOB and BOS! Also our Artemis was there for the first time in veteran class and her debut was equally successful - Best Veteran in Breed and BOB!!!

Judging: Grzegorz Weron (PL)


We have puppies! Today Murbella gave birth to two boys. Happy father is our Swedish import - Elof.

Mummy and puppies are feeling good!


CACIB show in Lodz was once again very successful for Forum Romanum team!

Sheeana got CAC, this time younger Taraza returning to show rings after longer break was better getting CAC, CACIB and BOS! Hadria was again Best Veteran of Breed, but the winner of it all was Shoab who took CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!

Judging: Joao Vasco Pocas from Portugal


That was really nice day at Opole CACIB!

Finally really warm, sunny day and good conditions for a show. So the results were also good - Bipsy (Novatica Bipsy Blaze) was once again remarkable and got CAC & res-CACIB, Taraza returning to show rings after longer break was V2 and res-CACIB, Omea got her second CAC, just one left to complete her PL CH, Hadria - as usual was Best Veteran in Breed, finally Shoab FR got CAC and became PL Champion!

Quiet well as for one day!

Big thanks to today's judge: Jaqueline Quiros-Kubat from Argentina!


We have puppies! Today Verona gave birth to three puppies: one boy and two girls. Father is J'Adore.

Mummy and puppies are feeling excellent!


One day, two shows, three championships completed!!!

In Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki on CAC Legionowo:

- Bipsy (Novatica Bipsy Blaze) got CAC, was selected BM and took BOS! He is now just one CAC and 5 months away of his PL Champion title!

- Sheeana got another CAC and make herself a nice birthday present becoming Champion of Poland!

- Hadria took Best Veteran in Breed and completed her Veteran Championship of Poland!

Competition was judged by Mrs. Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL).

Same time in Zabrze on CAC show Vixen Forum Romanum took JunCAC, Best Junior and BOB completing her PL Junior Championship!!! Judging: Tadeusz Chwalny (PL). Big congratulations Ewa Sobota, Vixen's owner!!!

That was really a fine day for FR team!


We have puppies! Today Faroula gave birth to two beautiful puppy girls: one blue and one cream.

This is second litter of Faroula with our J'Adore. Mummy and puppies are doing just fine!


What a nice day!

At Katowice CACIB Soranus took CAC and became Champion of Poland, Vixen won junior class of 6 and was Jun BOB, finally Hadria was Best Veteran and Vet BOB!

Judge today was Mr Antonio di Lorenzo from Norway.

On the evening there was a gala of Lodz Division of Polish Kennel Club celebrating Dog Show Rank for year 2014. And there was more good news for us:

Sheeana was best IG and best in X Group and Hadria was Best Veteran of the Lodz Division, 2nd in IG's and third in X Group!!!


Our first show this year was a good kick off for the rest of this show season.

Today in Włocławek, PL Hadria took Veteran BOB and BOS, Elof - CAC, finally Bipsy (Novatica Bipsy Blaze, son of our Dipsy DDC and Gratiana Forum Romanum) in his first show ever took CAC, BM and BOB!

Elof completed today his Polish Championship!

Judging: Tomasz Borkowski (PL)


Official results of Top IG Rank FY 2014 are finally there.

This time our young Sheeana took over leadership after Esmee and is Top IG in Poland FY 2014!!!

Second place took our beloved veteran girl Hadria. For her it's the best position in IG Rank ever!

Third place belongs this year to Sheeana's brother - Shoab, co-owned with Monika Nowak. Congratulations Monika!

For more details please go to IG rank section.


We have puppies! Today our Kailea gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies: 3 boys and 1 girl. Father of the litter is our multichampion Dipsy. Both mummy and puppies are doing great!

More details in Litters & Puppies.


Today we welcome a new male to our kennel! Gino came to us from kennel Lupavaro (Italy). Welcome home, Gino!


Last dog show trip this year to Nitra, Slovakia gave us quiet nice results of our Hipek (J'Adore FR) who returns with two res-CAC and res-CACIB.

See you on show rings next year!


We have puppies! Two days ago our multichampion Esmee gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies: 2 girls and 1 boy, and today Raki (Arrakis Forum Romanum) gave birth to 1 boy. Both mums and their puppies are doing great!

More details in Litters & Puppies.


Our last show in Poland this year was just great!!

Heesa Meesa Gritty Elof Eye - CAC, CACIB , BOO

Sheeana Forum Romanum - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG4!

Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum Romanum - exc, Veteran BOB

Vixen Forum Romanum - exc1/3 in junior class

All this under very strict norwegian judge Mrs Lisbet Campbell. Very happy!

photo: M. Horbatowski


Second day of Poznan show was successful for our Hipek (J'Adore FR) who repeated Elof's result from tomorrow - CAC, CACIB, BOS and got Poland Winner 2014 title!

Also Sheeana repeated her result from yesterday - V2, res-CACIB!

Judging: Jan Ryk (PL)


Fantastic show for our Elof during first day of Poznan 2xCACIB show. 31 IG's entered. Elof got CAC, CACIB, BOS and got Cruft's 2015 nomination!

Sheeana was 2/6 in intermediate class and finished with res-CACIB!

Judging: Maria Zasada (PL)


Fun wekend again!

In Kiev, UA- Uryanah took part is her second coursing. Her result was again wining it all! Best in Field with 558 points!

In Zabrze, PL, Shoab took CAC and BOB! Big congrats and thanks to his stepmother Monika!

In Krenglebach, IGCC season closing race was won again by Nando`s daughter - Candelora Tileco! But Italian Greyhound Chalenge Cup 2014 winner is another Nando`s daughter - Dalia!

pict from Kiev coursing


Once again great show for our Hadria. This time at CACIB show in Wrocław, PL.

Hadria was Best Veteran, Vet BOB and BOB!

Judging: Tomasz Kuszyk (PL)


Good performance of our IG's at national show in Warsaw.

Elof and Omea got both CAC, Viridis in Puppy class got VP1, finally Taraza got CAJC, Jun BOB and BOB!

Judging: Krystyna Szulc (PL)


Another amazing weekend gone!

Soranus Forum Romanum -

Central European Sighthound Youth Winner 2014

Sighthound Club 2014 Youth Winner

J`Adore Forum Romanum - Club Winner 2014

Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum Romanum -

Central European Sighthound Veteran Winner, Veteran BIS3

Sighthound Club Veteran Winner2014, Veteran BIS2

Baby Xanthippus was very promissing both days, and boy, he can move! What a future for him!

And a blast in BIS competitions!

Best in Show Breeder Group - Murbella, Sheeana and J`Adore!

Best in Show Stud Dog - J`Adore with Soranus, Sheeana and Xanthippus

Best in Show 4th Breeding Couple - J`Adore and Sheeana

Judging: Valerio Nataletti from Italy on CESS and Tamas Jakkel from Hungary on Club Show.


Taraza gets her first Jun CAC and Jun BOB and Sheeana - CAC on international dog show in Białystok, PL under judge Mr Luis Pinto Teixeira from Portugal.


Very good results of our team at today's CACIB show in Sopot, PL.

Soranus - V2, res-CACIB

Sheeana - CAC, CACIB, BB, BOS

Hadria - Best Veteran

Judging: Tomasz Kuszyk (PL)


Great day for us today at CACIB show in Zakopane, PL. Soranus and Sheeana took all - Sheeana got CAC, CACIB and BOS and Soranus - CAC, CACIB and BOB! Judging: Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL)


Nice results of CAC show in Będzin, PL. Soranus, Octa and Sheeana are collecting their CAC, Sheeana is also BB. Judging: Barbara Larska (PL)


An end of an era... Nine years and 4 days is all we were given. His heart could not make it any longer, his body started to shut... Good bye, dear Rudi! :(


Great show day today! In Krakow, PL Odiseia took CAC, CACIB and become PL CH and in same time in Dnepoptrovsk, UA Katia and Lucilla had fun too. Lucci took CAC, CACIB, BOB and closed the day with BIG 1 under speciaist judge, Mrs Peter Harshanyi. Congratulations Katia!


Today Hypatia gave birth to 5 beautiful female puppies! Proud father is our Cali (Calicanto du Domaine de Chanteloup). Mummy and all puppies are feeling fine!

More details in Litters & Puppies.


Great start of show career for our Swedish import Elof!

Today in Kalisz CAC show Elof took CAC and BOB!

Judging: Maria Zasada (PL)


Fanstastic day on INT dog show in Łódz, PL !

Breed Judge Mr. Horst Kliebenstein , Germany 23 IG`s entered.

Shoab Forum Romanum exc1/3 Jun CAC

J`Adore Forum Romanum exc1/2 CAC, res-CACIB

Sheeana Forum Romanum exc1/3 Jun CAC, Jun BOB, BB, BOB new PL JrCH!

Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum Romanum Veteran BOB

and in the finals:

Hadria took veteran Best in Show 4!

Sheeana finished day in big style, went Best in Group 2 under Mr Horst Kliebenstein and Best in Show Łódz branch under Mrs Maria Zasada!

pict Kris Nabialczyk


We have puppies! Today Bodi (Boadicea Forum Romanum) gave birth to 7 puppies: 3 boys and 4 girls! This is the biggest litter in FR history! Both puppies and mummy are feeling absolutely perfect!

More details in Litters & Puppies.


Great day on a show in Konopiska/Częstochowa, PL

In a breed ring, judge Mr. Maciej Lipiec:

Shoab Forum Romanum JrCAC, BOS

Sheeana Forum Romanum JrCAC, JrBOB

Desert Queen Hypatia CAC

Eledi Grace Hadria di Forum Romanum - exc1 and BOB from veteran class

And in BIS ring-

Sheeana was choosen as Best Junior in group X

Hadria took veteran BEST IN SHOW under Mrs Krystyna Opara and then BEST OF GROUP under Mr. Maciej Lipiec!!!

Photo by Klub Hodowcow ARION


We had a blast on CACIB show in Katowice!

Soranus won junior class of four, got JrCAC, JrBOB and become new Junior Champion of Poland!

Sheeana got JrCAC as well!

Peleus won intermediate class, while Perito won open and got CAC, CACIB and BOS!

Glaucia got CAC, res-CACIB!

But the highlight of the day was Hadria,who got veteran BOB and in the finals Best in Show Veteran!

Big thanks to our breed judge Nicola Imbimbo from Italy, and to Mr Dan Ericsson from Sweden who judged veteran BIS.

Picture by Anna Maria Strzoda


CAC show in Wloclawek was excellent for our IG's. Glaucia become PL CH today, finishing in style, going CAC, BOB and BOG3! Soranus got CAJC, Junior BOB and BOS! Judging: Elzbieta Augustyniak (PL)

photo: Agnieszka Pogonska


Our Esmee is winnig Polish Top IG Rank FY 2013 for the third year in a row!!!

Baublis is second, just like last year.

For details please go to IG Rank section.


Today Lea (Kailea Forum Romanum) gave birth to one puppy boy named Wernius. Both Lea and little Wernius are feeling fine!

More details about this litter in Litters&Puppies section.


It is a great day!

In Rzeszow, PL, judge Juha Putkonen, Perito Moreno took CAC, CACIB, BOS and Glaucia took CAC, CACIB, BOB! Amazed with her, she was out of the rings for last 2 years and behaved like a pro anyway.

In Tuusniemi FI, Nula (Nuallan Forum Romanum) had a blast and took CAC and BOB under judge Marie Pedersen, DK. Nula is new FI CH! Big congrats Hanna!

And cherry on the cake, Esmee, Perito, Glaucia and Cali had their eyes tested/retested today, and all 8 eyes are absolutely healthy!


Nice weekend in Glogow (Poland). On today's CACIB show there Octa gets CAC, Hadria for the first time in veteran class is Best Veteran and shows very nicely during finals, Leukothea - CAC + res-CACIB and becomes Polish Champion! Congratulations Monika! Judging: A. Brabletz (PL)


Pretty good start of ouf show season 2014!

In Sosnowiec (Poland) Soranus took JrCAC, JrBOB, BOS, Octa another CAC, and Odiseia CAC and BOB! Big thanks to our judge today, Mr. Andrzej Szutkiewicz!

In Trencin (Slovakia) Gratiana took CAC and CACIB and became CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL DE BEAUTE! Big thanks to judge Mrs. Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska!

And last but not least both Octa and Odiseia had their eyes tested and result of both is "clean and beautiful"

Super day!


Fantastic news from France - Irulan Forum Romanum is French Top Racing Bitch 2013!!! We are very proud!

Congratulations Renée!


Kajaani (Finland) CACIB show today: Haidee gets V1 CQ BB1 BOB CACIB!! Judge Maija Sylgren, Finland. Congratulations Hanna!!!


CIB NO SE CH Je T'aime Forum Romanum is winning BOB with CACIB at the international show in Gothenburg, Sweden, under judge Göran Bodegard! Bravo Temi!


We have puppies! Today late evening Jagoda (Faroula Forum Romanum) gave birth to 1 boy and 5 girls, all born within 64 minutes only! A true record in FR history! Both puppies and mummy are feeling absolutely perfect!

More details in Litters & Puppies.


Last show this season, Kiev Ukraine, again happy for Team Lucci. On saturday Lucilla took CAC, CACIB, BOS, and today CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG3. 

Lucci become CH UA and CH UKU. 

Very proud of Ekaterina and Alina, Lucci's owners. Thank you both!

photo: A. Stakhorska

As a cherry on the cake news- both Luccilla and Hellica had their eyes checked, and both have eyes free of defects. They joined Forum Romanum healthy eyes team and are both in 3rd generation of eyes tested. Very happy!


Swedish Winner 2013 - Je T'aime Forum Romanum becomes new Swedish CH and Interchampion! Congratulations Mylene!


Amazing show season finale for Esmee! Today in Kielce she took CAC, CACIB & BOB under judge Mrs. Ramsing Lisbet Utke from Denmark, and then BOG-3 under judge Mrs. Lisbeth Campbell from Norway.

photo: K. Mijakowska


Second day of CACIB show in Poznan - Polish Winner - gave succes to Baublis taking CAC, CACIB, Polish Winner '13! Baublis also got Crufts '14 Qual. Congratulations Monika!

Murbella & Esmee came back both with with CAC. Murbella became Polish CH!

Judging: E. Stolarska (PL)


First day of double CACIB show in Poznan:

Hipek (J'Adore FR) - CAC, CACIB, BOS

Odiseia - CAC, res-CACIB (which will turn into full CACIB)

Esmee - CAC, CACIB, BOB!

Judging: Kazimierz Rychlik (PL)


Second day of Komarom show - J'Adore - res-CAC, res-CACIB, Murbella - CAC, res-CACIB. Judging: Juhasz Csilla (Hungary).


This year we came back again to Komarom for double CACIB show.

Today's results of FR team - J'Adore - CAC, CACIB, Murbella - V2. Judging: Dusan Paunovic (Serbia)


CAC Zabrze - Baublis - CAC, Winner, BOB, Shoab - VP, Best Puppy. Congratulations Monika!


Second day of Moldova shows was evenly successful for Lucilla: CACIB Moldova - CAC, CACIB, BOB. Judging: Ludmila Lavrova (Moldova). Second show - CAC Philipines judged by Miodgar Vretenicic (Montenegro) - CAC + BOB for Lucci. The final show today - CAC Montenegro judged by Georgy Hristozof from Bulgaria - Lucci's results - CAC + BOB. Finally after that weekend Lucilla became champion of Moldova, Montenegro and Philipines! Congratulations to Ekaterina and Alina!!!


Great results of Lucilla in Moldova! On today's shows she achieved following results: CACIB Moldova - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2! Judging: Dinky dos Santos (Philipines). Second show - CAC Philipines under Cristian Stefanescu from Romania Lucilla got CAC & BOB. Finally the last show today was CAC Montenegro judged by Nemanja Jovanovic from Serbia and Lucci's results are CAC & BOB!


Fun day on OKWZR Trophy in Tulln.

No big wins except for some CAC`s, but BOB was Nandos daughter Dalia Tileco and Forum Romanum Team took BIS Couples and BIS Breeding Group.

We`ll be back in Tulln in 2014 for sure!

photo: OKWZR


Budnessieger Tulln, year after year Forum Romanum team rulezz !

We had a blast under judge Andreas Schemel today!

Murbella Forum Romanum- CAC, CACIB, BUNDESSIEGER, BOS!

Je T'aime Forum Romanum- CAC, CACIB, BUNDESSIEGER, BOB, BOG2!

I`m so proud of them both!


That was an AWESOME day!

We had a blast on Sighthound Club Winner Show in Konopiska/Poland!

Breed ring under judge Mr. Maciej Lipiec -president of Sighthound Club in Poland:

Perito Moreno Forum Romanum - exc1/2 Jun CAC, Jun BOB, Junior Club Winner!

The KING - Calicanto du Domaine de Chanteloup - CAC, Club Winner!

Il Cagnolino Fernando- exc1/2 Vet BOB, Veteran Club Winner!

Octa Forum Romanum- exc1/3 JunCAC, Junior Club Winner!

Murbella Forum Romanum- CAC, Club Winner, BOB!!

Charlotte Forum Romanum - exc1/3 CAC!

And in the finals:

Perito Took Junior Best in Show 3!

Fernando took Veteran Best in Show 3!

Calicanto and his 3 daughters Octa, Murbella and Charlotte - BIS Stood Dog!

Octa, Murbella and Charlotte - BIS 4 Breeding Group!

Calicanto and Murbella BIS 3 Breeding Couple!

Very happy and proud!!!

photos A.Szulc, M. Nowak, K. Mijakowska


Excellent results of Forum Romanum IG's in Chorzów! Shoab gets Very Promissing note in his show debut, Esperia gets CAC and becomes Polish CH (from now on all E litter dogs are champions!!!), finally Baublis takes it all - CAC, BOB and BOG!!! Judging Hanna Woźna-Gil (PL). Congrats to Agnieszka and Monika!

photo: L. Placzkowski


Great news from Israel - Renesmee Forum Romanum owned by Nadav Levy took BOG-3 on IKC National Dog Show! Congratulations Nadav!

photo: Keren Mintz


Four shows, three countries, lot`s of fun!

Today in Zakopane (PL) - judge Barbara Larska - Perito Moreno Forum Romanum had his debut with JrCAC+JrBOB; Master Yoda - Khrone Forum Romanum took CAC+CACIB and so Yoda is Polish CH now! And finally Esmee took CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG 3- BOG judge mr. Andrzej Szutkiewicz. Thank you!

photo: K. Rychlik

In Nes, Norway Temi- Je t`aime Forum Romanum won CAC+BOB on saturday and become Norwegian CH under judge Branislav Rajic. Sunday was another great day, with another BOB for Temi. Way to go Temi!

And finally in Iisalmi, Finland Nula - Nuallan Forum Romanum took SERT and res-CACIB. Judge was Mrs Marjatta Pylvanainen! Congrats Hanna!


We have more puppies! Again three puppies were born. This time all three are girls. Happy parents are Fernando and Verona. More details in Litters & Puppies section.


We have puppies! Artemis gave birth today to one boy and two girls. Father of the litter is Ludwik (Fair Play du Domaine de Chanteloup). Both puppies and mommy are feeling all right.

More details in Litters & Puppies.


Great show today for Leukothea in Jelenia Góra. She gets CAC, BOB and finally BOG-3. Judging Tadeusz Chwalny (PL). Congratulations Monika!

photo: L. Placzkowski


That was a very busy and very succesful show weekend for Forum Romanum team!!

In Krakow we had a pleasure to show under Mrs Adriana Boca Griffa from Italy. Odiseia took Jun CAC, Jun BOB and become PL JrCH! Kailea took CAC, CACIB, BOS - and become Polish Champion! Esmee took CAC, res-CACIB, and finaly Fernando took VetBOB! BOB took Nando`s baby boy Cirillo who also become PL CH!!! Bravo Barbora! 

In Kotka, FI - Haidee was 2nd in CH class, BB2 and res-CACIB! Nula was 2nd in her class! Bravo Hanna! 

In Erfurt, De - Baublis won VDH and DWZRV CAC and become Champion of Germany & Club Champion of Germany (DWZRV) ! Congrats Monika!

photo: L. Placzkowski

In Dnepropetrovsk, UA- Lucci took CAC, BOB, BOG-3 on Saturday, and CAC, BOB, BOG4 on Sunday! Congratulations Alina and Ekaterina!


Excellent show for Forum Romanum team in Leszno! Baublis get CAC, res-CACIB, Leukothea - CAC and res-CACIB, finally Esmee took CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-3! 

Our breed judge was Mr. Frank Kane from GB. What a satisfaction for us!

BOG judgment was done by Petr Rehanek from Czech Republic.

photos: Ł. Płaczkowski, BD Jasińscy


So sad...  Last two days were extremely hard and difficult. Farewells are never easy. And when it comes to a very special and adorable dog it becomes harder. Even yet harder when it touches a young dog and it comes so suddenly and quickly...

Today we say goodbye to our beloved Nubia, which was always very warm and adorable companion. Despite some health problems that she had she always was very optimistic and full of energy to play. Maybe because of that everything came to us so unexpectedly and hit us so hard... can't write more today, it's way too hard...

Goodbye Nubia! We will miss you so much!!!


We had total blast at INT show in Lodz, PL today!

First out in the ring was J`Adore who ended up taking CAC, CACIB, BM! Then it was "back in the ring" time for Fernando who had a debut in veteran class ending with veteran BOB. Next in the ring was Odiseia who won junior class taking Jun CAC. After that Murbella took CAC, resCACIB and will inherit full CACIB from our shining star - Esmee, who icing on the cake took CAC, CACIB & BOB! In the finals Esmee was BIS-3 in the Lodz branch and res. Best in Group!! Go Esmee!! Second year in a row Lodz belongs to you!

Big Thank you to the judge of today - Andrzej Szutkiewicz!


Opole CACIB show was successful for Leukothea taking CAC CACIB and BOB. Fernando's son - Cirillo Tileco was BOS with CAC and CACIB. Congratulations to the owners of the dogs: Monika Nowak and Barbora Tvarogova!


Another weekend of good results of FR dogs:

In Kiev on Saturday Inuus gets CAC, Lucilla - res-CAC, judging: Rafael de Santiago (Puerto Rico), Sunday under Tatiana Urek (SLO) Inuus gets CAC & res-CACIB and is now Champion of Ukraine! Lucilla is getting another res-CAC.

Same day in Poland in Inowroclaw - Leukothea gets CAC and BOS, Baublis - CAC BOB BOG-2! Judging Hanna Wozna-Gil (PL).

Congratulations to the owners of all dogs!


Great day for Murbella and other FR dogs at the National Show for Hunting Dogs in Czestochowa. Murbella is getting CAC, BOB and then BOG-2! Khrone gets CAC and BOS, Octa is Best Junior and completes JCH of Poland! Judging: Krystyna Opara, Group X - Piotr Król.


We have puppies! Today Charlotte gave birth to 5 healthy puppies: 2 boys and 3 girls. Both puppies and their mother are feeling fine. Happy father is Hipek (J'Adore Forum Romanum). More details in Litters & Puppies section.


Excellent results of FR dogs in Zabrze - Baublis CAC BOB BOG-3, Leukothea - Best Junior and becomes Polish JCH. Judging: Jan Ryk, Group X - Tadeusz Chwalny (PL). Congrats to Monika and Lukasz, owners of both dogs!


Good news from Finnish Lappeenranta where Nuallan Forum Romanum starting in Junior class gets V1 CQ CAC BOS under Annette Bystrup (DK). Congratulations to Hanna, owner of Nula!


Double show in Ceske Budejovice was successful for Fernando offspring: Saturday on CACIB Show - Cirillo Tileco - CAC CACIB BOB BOG-5, Eclipse & Ebrieta Tileco - Puppy Class - both VP, Sighthound Club Show - Eclipse - BIS Puppy-3, Cirillo - CAC and became Grand CH CZ, Dalia Tileco - CAC Klubowy Vitez KCH CH


Fourth year in a row Forum Romanum dogs wins Sighthound Club Ranking in Poland!

Top Italian Greyhounds in Poland FY2012 are:

1. CIB Esmee Forum Romanum 

2. CIB Baublis Forum Romanum

3. CH Olimpia z Ochoczej

Esmee wins IG Rank for second time in a row! Big congratulations and thanks goes also to Monika Nowak, owner of Baublis! 

Very big thank you to all judges that had their part in this success!


Today in Katowice Odisia (Odiseia Forum Romanum) made her debut in the ring taking JrCAC and JrBOB, Lea (Kailea Forum Romanum) was second in her class taking res-CACIB and J`Adore vel Hipek took CAC and res-CACIB and so he become Polish Champion! He will get full CACIB as well, so I`m super happy with that:)

And both CACIB`s went to Fernando babies, big congrats to Barbora Tvarogova!

Judging: Miroslav Zidar (SLO).


International dog show Zielona Góra: Octa took JrCAC in a class of four, J`Adore took CAC wining open class, Baublis got CAC and res-CACIB, finally Esmee took it all again - CAC, CACIB and BOB. Judging: Alenka Pokorn (SLO)


Today at Group X Show in Tuusniemi, Finland, Haidee get CAC+BOS and closed her Finish Champion title! Judging: Annette Bystrup from Denmark. Big congrats to Hanna, Haidee's owner!

Haidee is champion no NINE for Raki. Raki had 3 litters, 13 puppies in total, and she proved to be excellent breeding bitch.

Same weekend in Slovakia at Duo CACIB Nitra Baublis took 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOS, BOB! Baublis became Champion of Slovakia! Big congats to Monika, Baublis owner!


Second day of shows in Moldova was as succesful as the first one, and so our Lucilla Forum Romanum took:

Nat Show Turkey, judge Uke Andan (TR) - JrCAC, BOB, BOG-1, Junior BIS-2, BIS-4

Nat Show San Marino, judge Zoran Curcic (SRB) - JrCAC BOB

INT Show Moldova, judge Tatjana Urek (SLO) - JrCAC, BOB, BOG-1 and Junior BIS-3!

photo: Rita Kadike Skadina

Way to go Lucci! Congrats and big thanks to Ekaterina and Alina! We're very proud of you!


Even when we are at home, Forum Romanum Team is out at the rings, and receiving such show news is such a perfect feeling :)

Lucilla Forum Romanum:

CACIB Moldova, judge Gerard Jipping (NL) - JrCAC, BOB, BOG-1 and res. BEST IN SHOW!

Nat Show Turkey, judge Cem Sutunc (TR) - JrCAC, BOB, BOG-1

Nat Show San Marino, judge Boris Aleksandrov (UA) - JrCAC, BOB, BOG-3

photo: Rita Kadike Skadina

Team Ukraine made us very proud again!


Another succesful weekend for our team!

In Rzeszow (PL), Esmee took CAC, CACIB and BOB, while baby Octa had her debut in junior class taking JrCAC and JrBOB! Judging: Wieslawa Misterka-Kluska (PL).

In Brno (CZ), three Fernando offsprings had a great time too - Cirillo Tileco took CAC and CACIB and become CZ CH, Baublis took CAC and become CZ CH as well and Dalia Tileco took JrCAC + JrBOB and become CZ JrCH!

And as a cherry on the cake Esmee, Arrakis, Fair Play and Glaucia had their eyes tested and all were diagnozed healthy!


Preety good start of our show season. 

In Glogow (PL), Khrone vel Master Yoda took CAC and CACIB beating his uncle, famous Baublis Forum Romanum who took CAC and res-CACIB. Kailea vel Princess Lea took CAC and res-CACIB, and Esmee took CAC. And finally, youngest crew member - Leukothea took JrCAC.

Judging: Janusz Opara (PL)


Wonderful weekend closing show season for Forum Romanum team!

In Kassel, Germany:

8.12 Baublis Forum Romanum - V1 CAC VDH BOB

9.12 Baublis Foum Romanum - V1 CAC VDH CACIB BOB!

Big congratulations and thanks to Monika Nowak, owner of Baublis!

In Kiev, Ukraine:

8.12 Lucilla Forum Romanum - V1 JrCAC JrBOB BOB BOG-2 - and closed Grand Junior Champion of Ukraine!

Hellica Forum Romanum - V1 CAC CACIB

9.12 Lucilla Forum Romanum - V1 JrCAC JrBOB

Hellica Forum Romanum - V1 CAC - and Helli is new Champion of Ukraine!!!

Again, huge thanks and congrats to Team Ukraine!!!

Baublis is son of our Il Cagnolino Fernando! 

In Wels, Austria:

Another son of Fernando - Cirillo Tileco had a blast today in Wels, Austria, taking CAC, CACIB and BOB as well!

In Liepaja, Latvia:

Beautiful daughter of our Dipsy du Domaine de Chanteloup - Amore Mia Costa Amber winning res Best in Show! Congratulations Olga!


What a fantastic day for our last show this year!

Today in Swiebodzice (CAC show), Poland:

Izar Forum Romanum - V1 CAC BOS and Izar is new Polish Champion!

Kailea Forum Romanum - V1 CAC

Murbella Forum Romanum - JrCAC JrBOB BOB and she is Polish Junior Champion!

Murbella had a blast in the finals as well, going straight for Junior BEST IN SHOW!!!

Thanks to our judges today - Blanka Horbatowska (PL) and Tibor Havelka (SK)!

Another super show weekend for babies of our Nando – CIB Il Cagnolino Fernando.

Triple Show in Nitra, Slovakia:

30.11 – Dalia Tileco took JrCAC and Cirillo Tileco CAC and Speciality Winner under judge Martin Baskaran Soto

1.12 – Dalia took JrCAC again and become SK JCH! Cirillo took CAC, CACIB and BOB under judge Iveta Vojetkova

2.12 – Dalia was 2nd in her class but Cirillo went to the top taking CAC, CACIB and BOB again under judge Vlasto Vojtek!

Cirillo is new Slovakia Grand Champion!

Big congrats to our friends - Zdenek and Barbora!


We have (more) puppies! Today Hipcia (Desert Queen Hypatia) gave birth to 5 healthy puppies: 3 boys and 2 girls. Puppies and Hypatia are feeling all right. Father of this litter is Estes (Estes Forum Romanum). More details in Litters & Puppies section.


International Dog Show in Kielce (PL) was once again fantastic for us and our dogs! The Judge was Boris Aleksandrov from Ukraine and here are the results:

J`Adore Forum Romanum - V1 CAC CACIB BOS

Charlotte Forum Romanum - V1 CAC CACIB BOB BOG-4!!!

This is Charlotte`s 20th CACIB and her third year in a row victory in Kielce!

photo: L. Placzkowski                    photo: M. Spiradek


We have puppies! Today Jagoda (Faroula Forum Romanum) gave birth to 5 healthy puppies: 3 boys and 2 girls. Both puppies and their mom are feeling fine. Happy father is our Nando (Il Cagnolino Fernando). More details in Litters & Puppies section.


J`Avoue Forum Romanum - VDH CAC CACIB BOB in Hannover under judge Elmar Sistermann.

photo: Manuela Tobias

Thank you Nicole Frehse for beautiful handling and congratulations to J`Avoue's owner Babette Stangenberg!


Poland Winner Show in Poznan, judge Gerard Jipping (NL):

Esmee Forum Romanum - CAC, res CACIB

Murbella Forum Romanum - JrCAC (out of 7), JrBOB and Poland Junior Winner 2012! Nomination for Crufts 2013!

Second show in Kharkiv, judge Baklushin:

Lucilla Forum Romanum: JrCAC, JrBOB!

Second day of Komarom 2x CACIB show: this time Cirillo took CACIB (and BOB!) and his brother Capobando - resCACIB. Capobando is now Hungaria Champion!

Judging: Tamas Jakkel (H)


A few excellent shows for us to report today:

In Poznan (PL) under judge Maciej Lipiec (PL):

J`Adore Forum Romanum - V1 JrCAC - and he becomes PL Junior Champion!!!

Murbella Forum Romanum - V1 JrCAC JrBOB

Charlotte Forum Romanum - V1 CAC CACIB BOS 

that was 19th CACIB for Charlotte!

In Kharkiv (UA) under judge Mr. Polivanov

Lucilla Forum Romanum - JrCAC JrBOB

Congratulations to Ekaterina and Alina!

Finally in Komarom (HU) under judge Gyorgy Tesic (H), two sons of Fernando had good day as well: Capobando Tileco took CAC & CACIB and his litter brother Cirillo got CAC & res CACIB. We're very proud of you both Jana and Barbora!


Excellent results of Baublis and Leukothea during national show in Rybnik. Leukothea gets CAJC, JrBOB and then Junior BIS-2! Baublis - CAC, BOB and BOG!!

Congratulations to Monika!

Judging: Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL) and Andrzej Kazmierski (PL) - BIS Junior


Good news from European Dog Show in Bucarest, Romania:

Kailea was second in Junior class which makes her res EJW 2012! She becomes specialist of second places at important shows ;)

Glacier Baltoro took CAC in Working class and became Romanian Champion!


Tulln OKWZR Trophy Show, judge Kurt Sommer (A):

Khrone vel Master Yoda - V1, Jugendbester, OKWZR Junior Trophy Winner 2012

Charlotte - V1, CACA

Kailea - V3

And in the finals:

Charlotte+Yoda took Best in Show Breeding Couples!

Charlotte, Yoda and Kailea - Best in Show Breeder Group!

During last year we showed our Breeding Group in Austria three times - and we took Best in Show each and every time!


Bundessieger Show in Tulln, under judge Mr. Age Gjentes from Norway:

Khrone vel Master Yoda - V1, Jugendbester, Bundesjugendsieger 2012!

Esmee - V1, CACA

Kailea - V2


Charlotte - V1 CACA, CACIB, BUNDESSIEGER 2012, BOB!!!

And in the finals Master Yoda took Junior BOG-3 under judge, Mr. Nemanja Jovanovic!!!

Big thanks to both judges!

Another great news of today is that Euridice has completed today in Rostock her German DWZRV Championship! She get CAC VDH CACIB and BOB! Judging: Mr. Pepper (D).


Another great weekend! Today on Hunting Breeds Show in Lodz, judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz:

Kailea Forum Romanum - JrCAC, JrBOB - she is new Polish Junior Champion!

Glaucia Forum Romanum - CAC, BOS

J`Adore Forum Romanum - CAC, BOB!

and in the finals we got bit more :) :

Kailea+Glaucia+J`Adore went straight for Breeding Groups BEST IN SHOW!  (judge Aleksander Skrzynski) 

Kailea and J`Adore - Couples BIS-3 (judge Andrzej Jendrasiak)

Kailea Forum Romanum - Junior BIS-4 (judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz)

J`Adore Forum Romanum- Best of Group 4! (judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz)

Big THANKS to all judges!

And yesterday in Gomel, Belarus, under judge Igor Semenenko:

Hellica took CAC and become Belarusian Champion and Lucilla took Junior CAC, Junior BOB and is Belarusian Junior Champion!

Big thanks and congratulations Alina and Jekaterina!


Next great news from our friends abroad:

In Zaporozhie, Ukraine - Lucilla Forum Romanum took JrCAC, JrBOB, BOB and BOG-4 - big thanks to Alina, Katya and Sasha!!

Lucci is Ukrainian Junior Champion now!

And in Hyvinkää, Finland, our Rudi the Cirneco - Liki Gigi Magic of Double Star took CAC, BOS and become Finnish Champion! BIG BIG thanks to Marina and Rudi`s handler Ida!!


Polish Sighthound Club Show started with the official ceremony for Sighthound Club Rank Winners FY2011 where Esmee, Charlotte and Baublis took first 3 places in italian greyhounds. That was about our present.

Glimpse of our future was baby Octa Forum Romanum who won Best Baby in Breed and then took Baby res-BIS!!! Octa showed herself amazingly! We are very proud of her!


Eurosightound show in Czestochowa, Poland is already behind us. All 4 dogs we showed (Dipsy, Kailea, Esmee and Charlotte) ended up 2nd in their classes :) - in a big classes but still. Really nice results as competition was strong today.

Glacci vel Glacier Baltoro Forum Romanum won working class and added Polish Championship to his list of titles! Bravo Lida!


Another success of Latona Forum Romanum, this time in Luxembourg. Lola gets 1° Exc + BOB Junior and becomes Luxembourg Junior Champion! Judging: Marina Ostrovskaya (Russia). Bravo Lola!!! Congratulations to Sebastian, Lola's owner!


Another great day!

Second show in Debrecen, judge Mr. Christian Stavarke from Romania:

Khrone Forum Romanum – JrCAC

Estes Forum Romanum - CAC, CACIB, BOS

Eledi Grace Verona - CAC, CACIB

Kailea Forum Romanum - JrCAC, JrBOB, BOB!

Both Master Yoda and Princess Lea are Hungarian Junior Champions and Verona is Hungarian Champion! Estes finished Hungarian Champion and CIB yesterday - WHAT A WEEKEND!!

We are so proud of our team, today`s temp. in Debrecen is +36`C again, and adding Princess Lea beeing stung by wasp in the morning- I`m even more proud of her!

Five Champion titles closed in one weekend!!! 


Great show day today!

In Debrecen, Hungary under judge Dr. Molnár Zsolt from Romania:

Kailea Forum Romanum -JrCAC

Khrone Forum Romaum - JrCAC, JrBOB!

Eledi Grace Verona- CAC, CACIB


Estes Forum Romanum CAC, CACIB, BOB!

And coolest thing is that Estes had fulfilled requirements for Champion International de Beauté and for Hungarian Champion!!

It was such hard show with temp of +37`C in shadow!!

Same time in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, Baublis took CAC, CACIB under judge Mr. Leszek Siejkowski (Poland). Congratulations Monika!

In Zehlendorf, Germany, J`Avoue took CAC, VDH, BOS under Mrs. Gonzales (GIB)! Congratulations Babette!!

Happy day!


Today in Uzghorod Baublis has his turn getting CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG!!! Leukothea took CAJC and JrBOB and became Ukrainian Junior Champion! Bravo and congrats to Monika, owner of both dogs!


It was "girl power" day for our breeding!

Three ukrainian cities, four shows, four Best of Breed`s for Forum Romanum blondies :)

In Uman - Hellica took CAC+BOB

In Pavlograd - Lucilla took JrCAC, JrBOB, BOB and BOG-2. Luci is 9 months 1 

day old today :)

And finaly in Uzhgorod - Baublis took CAC, CACIB and become Ukrainian Champion and Leukothea took JrCAC, JrBOB and BOB on INT show and repeated the same result on Hunting Dos Speciality! Leukothea is Luccis litter sister!

Also today, in Kouvola, Finland - Haidee took CAC, and baby Nuallan was BOB puppy on her first official show!

Go girls!!!


Great show for Baublis and J'Adore on National Show for Hunting Dogs in Legnickie Pole, PL!

J'Adore took CAJC and JrBOB and Junior BIS-3 and Baublis - CAC, BOB and BOG-2!

Judging: T. Chwalny (Poland)


Today in Bedzin, PL Izar Forum Romanum took another CAC + BOB and is now just one CAC and 3 months short to close his PL CH title. Judging: M. Supronowicz (PL)


Another great weekend for our team!

In Velka Ida, Slovakia - Baublis took CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG-3 while J`Adore took Jun CAC, JunBOB! BIG thanks to Monika and Lukasz for their wonderful job!!

Same weekend in Kursk, Russia Glacier Baltoro took CAC, resCACIB and become Russian Champion! Big thanks to Lida, owner of Glacci!


Big success of young Lola (Latona Forum Romanum) on prestigious Championnat de France show in Metz! Lola gets VP, BOB Puppy, and then is 2nd on BOG Puppy of group X!!!

HUGE congratulations to Sebastian Torres Carril, Latona owner!


Super weekend for Baublis!

In Lendava (SLO) - BAUBLIS got CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB and won Best of Group! Under breed judge: Blaž Kavčič (SLO) and BOG judge: Peter Harsanyi!

On Saturday in Zalaegerszeg (HU) Baublis won champion class winning CAC as well!

BIG congratulations to Monika Nowak, Baublis owner!!!


OKWZR Klubsiegerschau in Untersiebenbrunn, Austria was very successful for our team!

Esmee won champion class and is now Austrian Champion! Estes was second in his class.

Murbella get BOB Baby and Baby Best in Show! Kailea - Jugendbester and Junior Best in Show!

Kennel Forum Romanum - Breeder Best in Show and finally brace Estes&Esmee- res Best in Show!!!


Good show for our young J'Adore in Brno, Czech Republic. J'Adore wins Junior class getting JrCAC. Big thanks to Monika Nowak for showing J'Adore in Brno!


This weekend belongs to daughters and granddaughter of our Arrakis.

Yesterday in Kotka, Finland, Haidee took CQ CAC CACIB and BOB! Today in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, baby Lucilla took VP & BOB Puppy and finally in Krakow, Poland, our little star Esmee took CAC CACIB and BOB again, while Kailea took JrCAC and JrBOB!


We just get a letter with new pedigree of Calicanto. From now on Cali is officially our dog! We are so excited and happy about this!!!

Cali was our dream dog a few years ago, then we were lucky to get him as a guest twice in 2009 and 2011, finally now he becomes our dog and will stay with us for the rest of his life. A dream that came true!


It`s been fantastic weekend for Fernando offsprings.

On friday in Senec, Slovakia Cirillo Tileco gained last CAC he needed to close his Slovakian Champion title! His litter brother CH Capobando Tileco got CAC as well, and is just 1 CAC short from his slovakian title. BIG congrats to owners of both boys Jana Peslova and Barbora Tvarogova!

And finaly our own home breed Baublis Forum Romanum had great weekend in Erfurt, Germany, taking VDH and BOB yesterday and VDH and CACIB today ! That was last CACIB Baublis needed to to fulfill requirements for Champion International de Beauté! Huge thanks to Monika Nowak, Baublis owner!

Cirillo is 11th CH titled Fernando`s offspring, and Baublis is his 4th CIB with few more on their way!


Happy day in Leszno at CACIB show: baby Mandalay took Baby BOB, J`Adore was second in junior class, Izar got his next CAC, Baublis CAC and res-CACIB, Kailea - Junior CAC, Junior BOB and was in final 8 of Junior BIS, finally Esmee went through the ring like a thunderstorm taking CAC, CACIB and BOB and closing with BOG3!!! That was Esmee`s 7th BOB, 6th CACIB and 4th placement in finals in a row!

Big thanks to our judges today Mr Siejkowski from Poland - breed ring, and Mrs Ligita Zake from Latvia - group ring.


What a day for us today!!!

World Club Show in Schloss Anif was huge success for us!!!

Charlotte wins strong IG competition and is WorldClub Show Winner and BOB and Kailea wins Junior class and is WorldClub Junior Winner!!!

Competition was judged by Heinz Anschober from Austria.

We are also very happy with the results of National Lure Coursing trials CACL in Kyiv (UA)!

Glacier Baltoro took first place in Italian Greyhounds (5 entries) and received 354 points out of 400! With that result Glacci was Best in Field!!! Amazing achievement as for his first start! Congratulations Lida!!!


We are very happy with our crew results on WDS in Salzburg!!!

Charlotte made a cut in Champion class - was selected to best 6 in class (19 entries).

Hellica was placed 4th in intermediate class! (9 entries)

Kailea was placed 2nd in HUGE junior class (18 entries)!! That makes her res WJW 2012!!!

We're so proud of Lea who become 9 months old just yesterday so it was her first start in Junior class! 

Also very proud with Master Yoda (Khrone), Lea`s brother who showed like a pro, beeing not only first time ever in the ring, but also beeing handled by someone whom he just met. Big thanks to Alina Stakhorska for showing Yoda, and BIG congrats for Helli`s placement as well!!


National show in Jelenia Gora was a success for Baublis who get CAC, BOB and BOG-2, J'Adore - JrCAC and JrBOB and young Mandalay who get VP and BOB Baby! Finally Gratiana get CAC which gave her PL Champion title!!! Bravo Monika!

Judging: Tadeusz Chwalny from Poland.

In Dortmund (DE) on Friday J`Avoue took JrCAC, JrVDH, JrBOB and BOS, and today on Europasieger J`Avoue was exc2/4 with res JrCAC, res JrVDH. Congratulations Babette Stangenberg, owner of J'Avoue!


What a weekend!!!

Yesterday in Prague (CZ) Baublis took CACIB under judge Iveta Vojtekova, and in the same time, in Lviv (UA) Glacier Baltoro took CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG-4 under judge Massimiliano Manucci!

Today in Lviv, Glacci have repeated his yesterday results in full, getting CAC, CACIB, BOB under judge Boris Aleksandrov, then BOG-4 and fulfilling requirements to become Champion of Ukraine! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Lida, owner of Glacci!

And we had a blast in Lodz (PL) today! Ludwiq took CAC, Bronia won open class of three taking CAC and res-CACIB (will come into full CACIB) and so Bronia is Polish Champion!

But it was Esmee`s supremacy day as she took CAC, CACIB and BOB!

It was even better in the finals, as she was also choosen res Best in Show for Lodz KC branch (judged by President of Polish KC Andrzej Mania), and finally Best in Group-3!!!

Big thanks to our today's judge, Mrs Dorothea Hanlon-Carroll from Ireland. Go Esme!!


Great news came from Prague (CZ)! Gratiana took CAC in champion class, and Baublis took CAC, CACIB, BOS and Middle and East European Winner title!

Very big thanks to sighthound specialist, judge Iveta Vojtek (SK)! Gratiana and Baublis are both owned, loved and handled by Monika Nowak.


Yet another amazing show day! In Opole (PL) Mandalay took BOB Baby and Esmee another CAC, CACIB, BOB under judge Dimitris Antonopoulos (GR)! Later in the finals Esmee went BOG-2 under judge Dorota Witkowska (PL).


Another great day for Forum Romanum Team!

In Kiev, UA Hellica took CAC, CACIB, BOS under judge Gerard Jipping (NL). Very BIG congratulations to Alina - our friend and Helli's owner!

And second day of show in Czestochowa Ludwiq took CAC and BOB, Izar had his show debut and got CAC as well, finally Faroula took CAC and BOS and now Faroula is Polish Champion!

Judging: Barbara Larska (PL)


Good show for us in Czestochowa. Ludwiq took CAC and went BOS, while Esmee took BOB again!

Judging: Maria Zasada (PL) 

But it was also our day in Kiev, Ukraine too! Glacier Baltoro took CAC & CACIB and young Inuus took JrCAC, JrBOB and finaly BOB under judge Lisbet Utke Ramsing (DK).

Our biggets congratulations and thanks to the owners of Glacier and Inuus!


Today our Nuallan went to her new home in Finland where she will be welcomed by Haidee.

We wish Nuallan and her owner Hanna all the best and many wonderful moments together!


Fantastic show debut for J'Adore and Mandalay during CAC show in Zabrze! Mandalay is Best Baby and then fourth on BIS Baby, J'Adore gets JrCAC, JrBOB, BOB and finally BOG-2!!!

Judging: M. Szmurło (ring competition), E. Marcinkowska - BOG X, G. Weron - BIS Baby


Great news from Estonia! During Tallin Winner 2012 International Show our Rudi get CAC and becomes Estonian Champion! Big thanks to Marina and Ida Isaksson for showing Rudi in Tallin!

Judging: Helin Kasuk-Tenson from Estonia


Marathon Triple Dog show in Miskolc, Hungary was just great for us despite cold weather, rain and havy wind!

Show no 1 under judge Alfredo Alessandri (I): Esmee - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Ludwik - CAC, CACIB, BOS, Estes - exc

Show no 2 under judge Eugeny Kuplyauskas (RUS): Esmee - CAC, BOB, Ludwik - CAC, BOS, Estes - CAC

Show no 3 under judge Denis Kuzelj (CY): Esmee - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Ludwik - CAC, CACIB, BOS, Estes - CAC, res-CACIB

Both Esmee and Ludwik had become Hungarian Champions!

But the best thing is that Esmee had fulfilled requirements for Champion International de Beauté!!!


Third year in a row Forum Romanum team wins Sighthound Club Ranking in Poland. That was a superb season! We have been choosen BIS Breder Group during Sighthound Club Show in May 2011 in Poland and during OKWZR Speciality in September in Austria! We just did it!

Top Italian Greyhounds 2011 are:

1. CH Esmee Forum Romanum 

2. WJW CIB Charlotte Forum Romanum

3.CH Baublis Forum Romanum

Esmee went through the rings icing on the cake! Never before had any IG gathered this amount of points in just 8 shows! She was in total TOP 3 Sighthound of the year beaten only by 2 afghans and yes! We did campaigned two bitches!

Big congratulations and thanks goes also to Monika Nowak, owner of Baublis! 

Very big thank you to all judges that had their part in this success!


Good news from Germany where J'Avoue has his day on CAC-LS show in Grossenaspe obtaining JrCAC JrVDH and JrBOB!

Judging: Mrs Petrusova (CZ)


We have puppies! Today our Donia (Desert Queen Dior Donna) gave birth to 4 healthy puppies: 1 boy and 3 girls. Father is our Cali (Calicanto du Domaine de Chanteloup). Puppies and their mom are feeling fine. More details in Litters & Puppies section.


Great show for Forum Romanum dogs in Nitra today! Gratiana gets res-CAC and res-CACIB and Baublis - CAC CACIB and BOB!!!

Judging: Laszlo Erdos from Hungary


Very exciting show for Forum Romanum dogs in Katowice. Baublis gets CAC CACIB and BOS, Gratiana - CAC and res-CACIB, Esmee - this year just CAC, Leukothea - Best Puppy, finally Ludwik (Fair Play) CAJC and JrBOB! Ludwik completed today his Polish Junior Championship!

Judging: Paolo Dondina from Italy.


Another great day for our show team! Champion of Champions show in Leszno (PL) gave our Gratiana Forum Romanum CAC + BOB+ BOG - show finalist. We are very proud of Gratiana and her owner Monika Nowak! Big thanks to judges - Mrs Sylvie Desserne (France) and Mrs. Ligita Zake (Latvia)!


Very good show for us today in Rzeszow. Kailea made first steps in show ring in Baby class getting very promissing note, Ludwik (Fair Play) get CAJC, JrBOB and BOB(!), finally Charlotte - CAC CACIB and BOS!

Judging: Marta Heine from Germany.


Second day of CACIB Show in Brno bring us another success to our Charlotte repeating her result from yesterday - CAC and CACIB, but this time she takes also BOB! Esmee resturns with res-CAC.

Capobando Tileco - son of our Fernando gets CAC and res-CACIB becoming Czech Champion!

Judging: Lotte Jorgensen (DK)


Excellent result of our Charlotte first day of double CACIB show in Brno (CZ). Among 39 IG's Charlotte gets V1 CAC CACIB BOS!

Judging: Bitte Ahrens (I)


Fantastic start of a new dog show season for us! Today at the CACIB show in Głogów our Esmee wins breed competition and then is second on Group X finals!

Judging: Thomas Hehir (Ireland) - ring competition and Tomasz Borkowski (Poland) - Group X finals


Litter N is there! Today Verona gave birth to 1 boy and 2 girls. Father of that litter is Dipsy. Both mother and pups are doing just fine!

More info in Litters & Puppies section.


We have (more) puppies! Today Boadicea gave birth to 6 puppies: 5 males and 1 bitch! Father is our guest star Calicanto. Bodi and all puppies are feeling very well.

More info in Litters & Puppies section.


Inuus is Junior Champion of Ukraine! On the second day of Kijev's 2xCACIB show Inuus repeats his results from yesterday. Glacier is again getting res-CAC.

Judging: W. Khyznyak (UA)


Today on CACIB show in Kiev Inuus receives JrCAC and JrBOB and Glacier Baltoro - res-CAC.

Judging: John Wauben (NL)


Second day of CACIB show in Wels was also good to our team. Fair Play was again Jugendbester, Dipsy received CACA and res-CACIB, just like Charlotte did.

Judging: Stephen Wheeler (S)

The same day on CAC show in Swiebodzice (Poland) Esperia gets CAC and BOB! Competition was judged by Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL)


Great news from first day of double CACIB show in Wels, Austria. We have four new champions of Austria! Our team get following results: Fair Play - V1 Jugendbester and completed Austrian Junior Championship, Dipsy - V1 CACA res-CACIB - completed Austrian Championship, Calicanto - V1 CACA - completed Austrian Championship, finally Charlotte - V1 CACA CACIB BOB BOG-4 - completed Austrian Championship!!!

Judging: Andreas Schemel (A) - Breed ring and Maria Luise Doppelreiter (A) - BOG X


Kielce CACIB show was very successful to our dogs. Ludwik get JrCAC and was Best Junior, Faroula - CAC and res-CACIB, finally Charlotte - CAC, CACIB and BOB! Charlotte completed her International Championship!

Judging: Tomasz Borkowski (PL)


We have puppies! Today Arrakis gave birth to 1 male and 3 bitches. Father is our guest star Calicanto. Raki and all puppies are feeling very well.

More info in Litters & Puppies section.


Big success of Esperia at Prague CACIB. Esperia beats strong international competition getting CAC, CACIB and BOS! Congrats to Agnieszka - owner of Esperia!

Judging: Ligita Zake (LV)


Second day of Poznan show was Esmee's day. She gets CAC, CACIB, Poland Winner, BOS and Crufts Qualification. That's second year in a row that Esmee is taking Poland Winner title!

Fair Play was again second, just like Esperia. Hellica and Charlotte were 4th in their classes this time.

Judging: Stefan Stefik (SK)


First day of double CACIB show in Poznan was succesful for our Hellica who took JrCAC and JrBOB becoming Polish Junior Champion! Both Fair Play and Esmee were second in their classes.

Judging: Lisbeth Mach (CH)


Nice results of our team during CAC show in Czestochowa. Hellica took JrCAC, Faroula - CAC and Eunice - CAC and BOB. Eunice became Polish Champion!

Judging: Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL)


Happy days...

Sucess of dogs from our kennel in Romania during double CACIB show in Arad. Baublis took 2xCACIB, Gratiana 2xCACIB and 2xBOB. Both were Transsylvania Cup Winners. Baublis became Romanian Champion and Romanian Grand Champion!

Same day at Rostock CACIB show in Germany Fulgora took JrCAC, JrVDH, JrBOB and Dipsy's daugher - Il Cagnolino Hathea took CACIB, BOB and BOG-1!

Congratulations to the owners of the dogs!

Sad days...

Very sad news from Hungary. Our beloved Argos "Kokos" passed away this Saturday. His small body coudn't fight the injuries caused by bites done by another dog. :( We will never forget you and we will miss you very much, Kokos...


Second day of Komarom show - Hungarian Derby CACIB show was also successful for our team:

Fair Play du Domaine de Chanteloup - HPJ (CAJC), JrBOB, Hungarian Derby Winner!

Charlotte Forum Romanum - CAC, CACIB, BOB 

Hellica Forum Romanum was today 2nd in her class. 

Best male with CACIB was Capobando Tileco - son of our Fernando!

Charlotte is Hungarian Champion and Fair Play Hungarian Junior Champion!

Judging: Zsuzsanna Petik (H)

In same time in Rybnik (PL) Esperia Forum Romanum took CAC, BB, BOB under Maciej Lipiec - President of Sighthound Club in Poland.


Very good day for us in Komarom (Hungary) - Hungarian Grand Prix CACIB show.

Fair Play du Domaine de Chanteloup - HPJ (CAJC) + JrBOB

Hellica Forum Romanum - HPJ (CAJC)

Charlotte Forum Romanum- CAC, CACIB, BOB - Grand Prix Winner - second year in a row!

Judging: Guenther Ehrenreich (A)


What a day for us in Tulln again during OKWZR Trophy show!

Breed ring :

Fair Play du Domaine de Chanteloup - Jugendbester, OKWZR Trophy Junior Winner

Hellica Forum Romanum - Jugendbester, OKWZR Trophy Junior Winner 

Esmee Forum Romanum - CACA, OKWZR Trophy Winner

Charlotte Forum Romanum - CACA

Judging: Lotte Jorgensen (DK)

In the finals:

Breeder`s Group - Charlotte, Esmee, Hellica went Best in Show under judge Karin Hebderg (S).

Breeding Couple - Esmee and Fair Play went Best In Show under judge Lotte Jorgensen.

And finally Hellica went Junior BIS-3! under Roberto Posa.


Great success for us at Tulln Bundessieger Show, judge Roberto Posa (CH):

Fair Play du Domaine de Chanteloup - Jugendbester, Bundesjugendsieger

Hellica Forum Romanum - Jugendbester, Bundesjugendsieger

Esmee Forum Romanum - CACA, CACIB, Bundessieger

Charlotte Forum Romanum - CACA, res-CACIB


Great performance of dogs from our kennel at Wroclaw CACIB show - Baublis Forum Romanum - CAC, CACIB, BOB and Gratiana Forum Romanum - CAC, CACIB, BOS! Gratiana is 15 months and 3 days, beautiful debut in adult classes!

Judging: Robert Blumel (A)


Second day of Osijek CACIB show also gave us a lot of satisfaction. Boadicea get CAC, CACIB and BOB becoming Interchampion!!!

Judging: Petr Rehanek (CZ)


Success of our dogs at the show in Croatian Osijek - Esmee is getting CAC and res-CACIB, Charlotte - CAC, CACIB and BOB! Both are now Croatian Champions!!!

Judging: Vesna Sekalec Petricanec (HR)


Esmee is getting CAC and BOB during Sighthound Festival in Olsztyn near Czestochowa. Boticelli Tileco (Modi) - son of our Fernando, was BOS.

Judging: Monika Tauraseviciene (Lithuania).


Today in Khmelnitskiy (Ukraine) Glacier Baltoro took JrCAC and Hellica JrCAC and JrBOB.

Eight days and 3 shows was what Hellica needed to complete her Ukrainian Junior Championship! Bravo!


European Dog Show in Leeuwarden - Esmee is ranked 3rd in intermediate class, Charlotte gets excellent in open class. Judging: Regina Tromp-Pruijn (NL).


Esmee and Charlotte were both ranked 2nd in their classes on CAC show "Raad van Beheer" in Leeuwarden. Judging: Dick McCoy (Ireland).


On today's show in Luck (Ukraine) Hellica gets JrCAC & JrBOB!

Judging: Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL)


Very good performance of Forum Romanum IGs in Ukraine. On today's show in Ivano-Fankivsk Glacier Baltoro gets JrCAC & JrBOB and became Ukrainian Junior Champion and Hellica receives her first JrCAC!

Judging: Mrs. Lavrova (MD)


Good day today for Esmee and Faroula during CAC show in Torun. Both are getting CAC. Faroula is BOS today.

Judging: Andrzej Brabletz (PL)


Estes celebrates his first puppies and beautifully wins on national show for hunting dogs in Piotrków Trybunalski getting CAC, BOB and finally BOG-1!

At the same show Esmee gets CAC and BOS and Verona - CAC.

Both Estes and Esmee becomes today Polish Champions!

Judging: Jerzy Mrugasiewicz (PL).

Today was also successful for other dogs from our kennel living in Germany - Euridice gets VDH CAC and BOS at the show in Berlin, and Fulgora gets VDH CAC CACIB & BOS in Leipzig!


We have puppies! This evening our Donna (Desert Queen Dior Donna) gave birth to three puppies - 1 boy and 2 girls. Father is Estes Forum Romanum. All puppies are already reserved.


Eunice gets CAC and is BOB on CAC show in Bedzin. Verona is also getting CAC starting her way to Polish championship.

Judging: Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL)


Today on Szombathely CACIB show Esmee showed herself much better and get CAC and CACIB! Artemis and Calicanto weren't participating as they both are Hungarian Champions already.

Judging: Edit Soltesz (A)


Our Artemis is getting CACA on today's CACIB show in Oberwart and becomes Austrian Champion! Also Calicanto receives CACA and he needs just one more for Austrian Championship. Esmee this time was second in her class with res-CACA.

Judging: Tatjana Urek (SLO)


Estes was ranked 4th in Intermediate class during Championnat de France, Esmee took 4th place in Intermediate class during World Dog Show in Paris. Charlotte both days get excellent notes.

Finally we have returned home with excellent notes and we bring with us Calicanto. He will be our guest star for the second time already.


Esmee wins another CACIB show in Poland! This time she gets CAC, CACIB and BOB in Krakow!

Judging: Peter Harsanyi (H)


On the second day of Klagenfurt CACIB show Arrakis get CACA (and becomes Austrian Champion!), Estes - res-CACA, Esmee - CACA, res-CACIB, finally Charlotte - CACA, CACIB, BOS!

Judging: Robert Blumel (A)


First day of CACIB show in austrian Klagenfurt was a great day for our dogs: Charlotte gets CACA, CACIB , and BOB, Estes - CACA, CACIB, BOS and Esmee CACA, res-CACIB.

Judging: Luis Pinto Teixeira (PT)


Esmee wins IG competiton during second day of Komarom CACIB show. She gets CAC, CACIB and BOB under Tamas Jakkel (H).


Estes is getting CAC, CACIB and is BOS on international show in hungarian Komarom! Esmee gets CAC and res-CACIB.

Judging: Oleg Fintora (SK)


News from CACIB Leszno: Gratiana - CAJC, JrBOB, Baublis - CAC, CACIB, BOB!

Judging: Maria Zasada (PL)


Big success of Candelora Tileco (daughter of our Fernando) on FCI Jubiläumsrennen "100 Jahre FCI" in Munster. Candelora wins the final race beating race track record!!! Bravo!!!


Great news from Czech Republic - Candelora Tileco (Fernando's daughter) took 1st place on track race in Kolin on 28.05, her sister Bambagia was 2nd!

pict. Renata Mildner http://www.dgdoggear.com/


Second day of Varazdin CACIB show was for Esmee who took everything this time: CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG-2. Charlotte - CAC and res-CACIB.

Judging: Guenther Ehrenreich (A)


There was a Speciality Show on the afternoon judged by Bitte Ahrens. Also this time Charlotte was winning. She get CAC, Club Speciality Winner and BOB. Esmee took CAC.


First day of Varazdin CACIB show (Croatia) was successful for our Charlotte who took CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG-3 and also for Esmee who get CAC and res-CACIB.

Judging: Tatjana Urek (SLO)

20.05 2011

We have puppies! This evening Hypatia gave birth to four beautiful healthy puppies - 4 males: 3 grey and 1 isabel.

Details of litter "J" in Litters & Puppies section.


Excellent performance of our dogs during Lodz International Dog Show! Dipsy takes CAC, CACIB and BOS and Boadicea gets CAC, CACIB, BOB and is BIS-2 of Lodz Branch during final competition!

Dipsy became Interchampion today!

Judging: Ewa Stolarska (PL)

photo: A. Bujnowicz


Big success of Fulgora Forum Romanum in Dortmund Europasieger Show! Fulgora took CAJC, Jugend VDH and Europajugendsieger!

Judging: Rui Oliveira (PT)


This year's Sighthound Club Show was successful for Forum Romanum dogs. Dipsy, Arrakis and Esmee get CAC, Baublis - CAC, Club Winner, BOB, Charlotte - CAC, Club Winner, BOS and Forum Romanum won Best Breeder Group during BIS competition!

Judging: Leona Dams-Reyneart (B) - well known italian greyhound breeder of Devils Pigeons, BIS Breeder - Iren Naarits (EST) - afghan breeder kennel Oshanamehs


Opole CACIB show was again very good one for our team. Gratiana gets CAJC and JrBOB, Eunice - CAC and res-CACIB, finally Esmee takes it all - CAC, CACIB and BOB!

Judging: Andrzej Kazmierski (PL)


National Dog Show in Czestochowa was equally successsul for our dogs as Saturday show. Faroula took CAJC and JrBOB finishing Polish Junior Championship. Charlotte gets CAC, BOB and then was second in Group X final competition! Charlotte becomes Polish Champion!

Judging: Liliane de Ridder-Onghena (B)


Big success of Eunice on National Show for Hunting Dogs in Czestochowa where she's getting CAC and BOB, then is second on Group finals!

Judging: Ewa Bukład (PL)


We have a new dog joining our kennel! Fair Play came to us from du Domaine de Chanteloup kennel today! Welcome home!


Fantastic show for our team in Katowice! Our Esmee is winning IG competiton getting CAC, CACIB and BOB! Charlotte takes CAC and res-CACIB, Estes - CAC, CACIB and BOS, Baublis - CAC and res-CACIB, finally Gratiana was Best Puppy! Baublis becomes PL Champion!

Judging: Salvatore Tripoli (I)


Zielona Gora CAC was a great show for Forum Romanum team! Our guest star - Brin d'Amour gets CAC and becomes Polish Champion, our Boadicea is getting CAC and becoming PL Champion too! Faroula takes another CAJC and is just one step from PL Junior Champion title. Gratiana made very good impression in her show debut in puppy class, finally Baublis gets everything: CAC, BOB and BOG-2! Big congrats to the owner of Gratiana and Baublis - Monika Nowak!

Judging: Andrzej Brabletz (PL)


Charlotte is Top IG of Polish Sighthound Club and Top Sighthound for year 2010!!! Dipsy is second in that rank, just like a year ago. Esmee and Estes are 4th and 5th.

Full results in IG rank section.


Great start of a new show season! Rzeszow CACIB show was a success for our dogs. Estes gets CAC and CACIB, Faroula in her show debut in junior class - CAJC and JrBOB, Boadicea - CAC and res-CACIB, but the biggest success was for Esmee who gets CAC, CACIB, BOB and is BOG-1 during finals!

Judging: Maciej Lipiec (PL) - ring competition and Barbara Larska (PL) - Group X finals.

photo: Ewa Skrabut


We have puppies!!! This special night Artemis gave birth to 4 lovely puppies: 3 boys and 1 girl. Proud father is our Dipsy. Mommy and all puppies are feeling very well.

Details in Litters & Puppies section.


Double CACIB show in Austrian Wels brings another Jugendbester title to our Estes who became Austrian Junior Champion!!! This is fourth junior champion title for Estes already! He's now Junior Champion of Austria, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia!

Also Charlotte & Dipsy have had good shows getting next CACA from Austria and both res-CACIBs.

Judging: Nina Neswadba (A) - Saturday and Iuza Beradze (CZ) - Sunday.


Excellent performance of our Charlotte & Esmee at International Dog Show CACIB Grand Prix in Budapest! Esmee gets HPJ (CAJC) and becomes Hungarian Junior Champion! For Charlotte it was another great gig this year with BOB and BOG-3!!!

This is not the end of great news as among males our Baccio Forum Romanum, who's living in Hungary, gets CACIB!

Judging: Gunther Ehrenreich (A). Details in Dog Shows section.

Photo: Gabor Foto (MEOE)


We have puppies!!! We are very proud to announce birth of puppies born from our Arrakis and our guest star - Brin d'Amour du Domaine de Chanteloup. 1 boy and 3 girls were born today. Mommy and all puppies are doing very well.

More information in Litters section.


Another show success of our Charlotte! This time Charlotte is winning at Kielce CACIB show getting her 5th CACIB in a row, BOB and then taking 4th place in Group X!

This was a good show for our other dogs too: Dipsy get CACIB and BOS, Esmee - CAJC and JrBOB, Hypatia - V2.

Judging: Igor Semenenko from Ukraine (IG competition) and Jurate Butkiene from Lithuania (BIG competition).

Details in Dog Shows section.


Second show in Poznan was yet more successful for us! Estes is getting another CAJC and Poland Junior Winner title! Charlotte is getting CACIB and Poland Winner! This is her 4th CACIB in 4 shows in Intermediate class!!! Esmee this time wins junior class, gets Poland Junior Winner title and is BOB!!! She becomes Polish Junior Champion! Esperia was second in junior class.

This is second year in a row that we are winning BOB on Poland Winner show!!!

Judging: Ludmila Fintorova (SK)

Details in Dog Shows section.


Very good day for our dogs on first day of double CACIB show in Poznan. Estes is getting CAJC and becoming Polish Junior Champion! Charlotte gets CAC and CACIB, finally Esmee and Esperia are second and third in junior class.

Judging: Robert Blumel (A)

Details in Dog Shows section.


Euridice (living in Germany) was taking part in Hannover CACIB show and get Jugend CAC, VDH and becomes double German Junior Champion (DWZRV and VDH)! Bravo Euridice!!!

Judging: Mr. Dehaes (B)


Two very good CACIB shows for us in hungarian Komarom! Esmee and Charlotte were starting this time. Both get same results both days - Charlotte - 2x CACIB and Esmee 2x HPJ (CAJC) and BOB!!

Judging: Gyorgy Tesics from Hungary (Saturday) and Zeljko Gajic (Sunday).

Details in Dog Shows section.


One more great show for our Charlotte who makes her debut show in adult classes today. She gets BOB and then is BOG-2 on national show in Legionowo near Warsaw. Dipsy gets his next CAC today. Judging: Guenther Ehrenreich from Austria.


Dipsy becomes Polish Champion in great style by finishing championship on CAC show in Czestochowa where he gets V1 CAC BOB and finally is BOG-1!!! Judging: Maciej Lipiec (PL)


We are very proud and delighted to present new dog in our kennel. Today we are welcoming Sobers Nubia. We would like to thank Bitte Ahrens for letting us have her in our show dogs team! Welcome home, Nubia!

More details about Nubia and her pedigree in Our Dogs section.


Fantastic show for our dogs on European Dog Show in Celje, Slovenia!

Estes is winning junior class and is EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2010!!! At the same time he becomes Junior Champion of Slovenia!

Charlotte and Dipsy have excellent results too: Charlotte was very close to Euro Junior Winner title taking finally second place in junior class, after Evidence du Domaine de Chanteloup. Dipsy wins Intermediate class getting  CAC, but in CACIB comparison his older competitors - Be Bop du Domaine de Chanteloup and Py's Lemetto are slightly better by decision of Per Iversen from Norway.


Great result of our Estes on Special Euro Sighthound Club Show in Slovenia! Estes wins junior class and becomes Slovenian Junior Club Winner!!!

Charlotte was 3rd among junior class bitches. Judging: Stelios Makaritis from Greece.


Another great show for our Charlotte who wins on Tulln Bundessieger show getting Jugendbester, Bundesjugendsieger and then wins junior finals - Junior BIG-1!!! She's also becoming Austrian Junior Champion!

Also other dogs of ours performed excellent: Estes - Jugendbester and Bundesjugendsieger, Dipsy - CACA, CACIB, Bundessieger!

Judging: Knuth Blutecher (N), junior BIG X - M. Levente (H)


Esmee and Estes are winning in Chorzów on CAC show both getting CAJC. This time Esmee is better and is getting BOB!

Judging: W. Misterka-Kluska (PL).


This year's Sighthound Festival in Olsztyn near Częstochowa was successful for our dogs once again. Dipsy  was Best Male, Esperia - CAJC (Esmee was 2nd), Estes - CAJC, JrBOB, BOB and Junior BIS-2!!! Apart of that, Estes and Esmee were selected Best Couple, finally we get 3rd place as Best Breeder!

Judging: V. Vojtek (SK)


Despite rainy and cold weather Krakow CACIB show was successful for our dogs. Esmee having her debut on show rings get CAJC and Best Junior. Brin get CAC and res-CACIB. Finally Dipsy took it all: CAC + CACIB + BOB! Judging: Vija Klucniece (LV)


Second day of Debrecen show was evenly successful for our team - Boadicea CAC + CACIB, Dipsy CAC + CACIB + BOB, Estes and Eunice HPJ (CAJC)! Bodi is now Hungarian Champion, Estes and Eunice H Junior Champions!!!

Judging: Jaroslav Matyas (SK)


First day results of double CACIB show in Hungarian Debrecen - Boadicea CAC + CACIB, Dipsy CAC + CACIB, Estes HPJ (CAJC) and finally Eunice HPJ (CAJC) + JrBOB + BOB!!!

Judging: Erdos Laszlo (H)

The same day our Euridice (called Grace) was taking part in national show in Berlin getting V1 JrCAC JrVDH. Judging A. Ringer (A).


Good show for Brin d'Amour on Hunting Dogs Speciality Show in Piotrków Trybunalski. Brin gets his first CAC in Poland and is BOB! Also Hypatia is successful taking her second CAJC.

Judging: Leszek Siejkowski (PL)


Day two of hungarian Sighthound Festival was also successful for our dogs - Charlotte takes CAJC + Junior BOB, Dipsy CAC + BOB and Brin - CAC! Both Brin and Dipsy become Hungarian Champions!

Judging: Marie Christine Delabelle (B)


First day of Sighthound Festival in hungarian Osagard n/Budapest is already behind us. Our IG team results: Charlotte: HPJ (CAJC) + Best Junior + Junior BIS-3!!! She becomes H JCH today! Brin gets CAC and finally Dipsy takes CAC and BOB. Charlotte and Dipsy are 3rd best couple!!!

Judging: Peter Mazura (A), Junior BIS - Marliese Muller (CH), Best Couple - Markku Mahonen (FIN)


Club show of austrian OKWZR was first great succes of our young Estes who won junior class getting OKWZR Klubjugendsieger 2010 (OKWZR Club Junior Winner 2010). Estes then takes Junior BOB and is Junior BIS-5. Both Cherlotte and Dipsy are taking second places in their classes which is excellent result too.

Judging: H. Anschober (A), BIS Junior - Rudi Brandt (D)


Charlotte is getting her next big title - FCI EURO Junior Sighthound 2010 Winner!!! Also Dipsy and Estes achieve good results taking 3rd places in their classes.

Judging: Jean Louis Grunheid (F)


We are very happy to welcome home Brin d'Amour, interchampion male from French kennel du Domaine de Chanteloup. Brin d'Amour came to us thanks to his owners - Fabienne & Jean Laveysierre. More information on Brin in Guest Stars section. Welcome home, Brin!


Great result of our Dipsy on Nationale d'Elevage CFPLI in Cahors, France! He wins Intermediate class competition beating 14 other IG's, including this year's World Winner dog!!!

Judging: Jarmo Vuorinen (FIN)


Twin show to Oberwart in hungarian Szombathely was also successful for us. Charlotte gets HPJ (CAJC) and JrBOB, then is chosen BOB! Artemis is getting CAC and becomes Hungarian Champion!!!

Judging: Jarmo Vuorinen (FIN)


Good news from austrian Oberwart! Charlotte is getting Jugendbester and Artemis - CACA and res-CACIB!

Judging: Iris Urschitz (A).


Very good show debut for Bodi (Boadicea Forum Romanum) and Hypatia at Warsaw CACIB show. Bodi takes CAC and begins the way to Polish Champion title. Hypatia gets CAJC and is Best Junior in Breed.

Judging: Wiesław Boryczko (PL).


Today we have one BIG news:

Charlotte Forum Romanum is selected WORLD JUNIOR WINNER during World Dog Show in Denmark!!!!!

We are so proud of our little Charlotte!!!

Also Dipsy made a great result taking second place in intermediate class after Batter D'Ali Sistoquarto who then was selected World Winner!

Judging: Claudio de Giuliani from Italy.

Full results of IG competition are here


Excellent news from Sighthound Club Show in Denmark! Our Charlotte is winning junior class and is Danish Junior Club Winner! She's 3rd best bitch in breed!

Dipsy is second in intermediate class and 4th best male in breed.

Judging: Bitte Ahrens (I)


We have puppies!!! We are very happy to announce birth of dogs from our Gobi and Py's Kesell. 2 boys and 2 girls were born today. Mommy and all puppies are doing very well.

For more information see section Litters.


Baublis gets CAJC, JrBOB and is BOB on CAC show in Kalisz, Poland! Estes is having another good training show in puppy class getting very promissing.

Judging: Maria Zasada (PL).

Details in Dog Shows section.


Dipsy gets CAC and res-CACIB in Leszno at the International Dog Show Leszno Prestige. Judging: Piotr Krol (PL).

We get great news from France today: Calicanto, father of our last 3 litters, was awarded CACIB today at the Lyon CACIB show and became Interchampion!!! Congratulations!!!


Success of our dogs on Sighthound Club Show in Poznan-Antoninek! Charlotte wins again and becomes Junior Club Winner and then she is fourth on Junior BIS!!!

But this isn't the only success of ours on that show - Baublis is Junior Club Winner, Artemis is Club Winner, Forum Romanum is taking second place in Best Breeding Group and Charlotte & Estes - third Best Couple of the Club Show!

Details in Dog Show section.

zdjecie: Maciej Kociecki


Great show for our Charlotte in Poznan-Antoninek during National Speciality Show for Hunting Dogs! Charlotte gets CAJC and Junior BOB, then she's taking third place in Junior BIS competition!!! Charlotte becomes Polish Junior Champion!!!

Dipsy is having a good day too taking BOB!

Judging: Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL) - X group judging and Anatoli Zhuk (BLR) - Junior BIS.

Details in Dog Show section.


Great results of our dogs during today's national shows in Czestochowa and Jelenia Góra! Dipsy gets CAC and BOB in Czestochowa. Baublis gets CAJC, JrBOB, BOB and BOG-2 in Jelenia Góra! Baublis becomes Polish Junior Champion!

Judging: Hanna Woźna-Gil (Czestochowa) and Leszek Siejkowski (Jelenia Góra).


We have puppies!!! Pups from Hadria and Kesell were born today: 2 boys and 2 girls! Mommy and all puppies are doing very well.

For more information see section Litters.


Kesell gets CAC and BOB on national show in Krosno and becomes Polish Champion!

Judging - Tomasz Kuszyk (PL).

Details in Dog Shows section.


Łódź CACIB show - Charlotte is getting another CAJC title and is nominated to next year's Crufts show! Dipsy is best in his class and gets CAC.

Mrs. Bogusława Szydłowicz-Polańczyk (PL) was judging sighthound competition.


Just after Opole show we went to Hungary to take part in CAC show in Cegled. That show was again  very successful. This time it was Charlotte taking BOB! As for Dipsy, he completed Hungarian Junior Championship! It is his 3rd junior champion title already. He is now Junior Champion of Austria, Hungary and Poland!!!

IG competition was judged by Andras Korozs (Hungary).

Details in Dog Show section.


Success of our dogs in Opole! Charlotte in her show debut gets CAJC and a very good notes from judge - Carmen Navarro (Spain)! Baublis also gets CAJC and Junior BOB! Finally Dipsy takes it all getting CACIB and BOB!

Details in Dog Shows section.


We are happy to announce that we are expecting puppies after our Hadria and our guest star Py's Kesell.

Details in Litters & Puppies section.


Another big day for our dogs in Miskolc. This time Dipsy and Arrakis are getting CACIBs, Kesell and Donna - res-CACIBs. Today Arrakis is BOB!

Barbka Novak (SLO) was judging sighthound competition.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Great show for us in Miskolc, Hungary today! Our dogs take everything: young Baccio (who lives in Hungary) wins junior competition, Kesell and Donna are getting CACIB titles, Dipsy and Arrakis - res-CACIBs. Donna is BOB and takes 2nd place on X group finals!!!

IG competition was judged by Christian Vantu (RO) and X group finals by Arne Foss (N).

Arrakis becomes Hungarian champion and Donna - Interchampion!!!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Excellent results of our dogs at CACIB show in Katowice! Dipsy and Arrakis are both awarded CACIB titles, Kesell is getting res-CACIB! Arrakis becomes Interchampion!!! Gerard Jipping was judging IG competition today.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Our dogs take all in offcial show rank of Polish Sighthound Club for year 2009! Donna wins the competition, Dipsy is second, Arrakis - third! Hadria is on 4th place 3rd year in a row!

Details in IG rank section.


Good show for our dogs in Graz, Austria! Arrakis and Dipsy are both getting CACA, Kesell - CACA and res-CACIB! Mrs. Brigitte Suligoi (CH) was judging IG competition.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Our Fernando became father today for the 6th time! Four boys and one girl were born today in Libra Lira kennel. Should you be interested in getting a puppy from this litter please contact us.


Excellent performance of our dogs at Rzeszow CACIB show! Artemis coming back on show rings after D-litter gets CACIB and BOB! Kesell also starts this show season very well by getting his second CACIB!

Artemis is becoming Interchampion!!!

Competiton was judged by Robert Blumel (Austria).


New photos of puppies were added to Litters & Puppies section.


Second day of Wels show was also good for our dogs: Dipsy was again Jugendbester and Donna - res-CACIB!

Details in Dog Show section.


Great show for our IG's in Wels! Dipsy is getting Jugendbester and becomes Austrian Junior Champion! Kesell - his first CACIB and Donna CACIB and BOB!!! Donna is now Austrian Champion!!!
Details in Dog Show section.


Pups names and updated photos were added to Litters & Puppies section.


Kesell gets his second CAC in Poland during CACIB show in Kielce. Kesi needs one more to complete Polish championship. It will be possible in May next year.

Jugding was Mr Tomasz Borkowski (PL).

Details in Dog Shows section.


Dipsy wins again!!!

11 month old Dipsy is selected Best of Breed again, this time on most important international show of the year in Poland - Poznan CACIB show where Poland Winner title is awarded.

Dipsy started the show by winning Poland Junior Winner title and finished by taking second place in X Group competition winning with many multichampion dogs!!! Judging was Mr Lipiec - President of Polish Greyhound Club.

We are very proud of our little Dipsy!

Details in Dog Shows section.


We have more puppies! Arrakis delivered last night 5 puppies: 1 male and 4 bitches!

More information in Litters section.


We have puppies! Artemis delivered today beautiful puppies: 1 boy and 3 girls! Mommy and all puppies are doing very well.

For more information see section Litters.


Good show debut of Kesell on his first show in Poland and also first show in adult class. Kesi takes CAC and BOB.

Judging was Alenka Pokorn from Slovenia.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Time for goodbyes...

Today we say goodbye to Calicanto who returns to his home kennel in France. While staying with us Cali became Polish and Hungarian Champion and get 4 CACIB titles. Cali is father of our Charlotte and we are expecting litters out of him and our bitches Arrakis and Artemis.

We wish Calicanto all the best and more success at the shows!

And welcome home time...

We are very happy to welcome home Kesell, born in Py's kennel (Sweden). Kesell came to us thanks to his owners - Fabienne & Jean Laveysierre (Domaine de Chanteloup). Welcome home, Kesi!

Details in Guest Stars section.


Donna is BEST IN SHOW at OKWZR Trophy Show in Tulln!!!

She wins IG competition judged by Christian Vantu from Romania, then is voted BIS by all judges: Ch. Vantu (RO), M. Th. Durando Fassio (I) and R. Tromp-Pruyn (NL)!!!

Dipsy is winning junior class again!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Very good day for our dogs in Tulln! Dipsy wins junior class and gets Bundesjugendsieger title! Donna is BOS getting CACA CACIB and Bundessieger!

Maria Theresa Durando Fassio from Italy was judging IG competiton.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Calicanto becomes Polish Champion getting his next CAC at the show in Zielona Gora!

Dipsy becomes Polish Junior Champion winning 4th BOB in the row!!!

Judge was Maciej Kozber (PL). Details in Dog Show section.


We are delighted to present new dog in our kennel. Today we are welcoming Hypatia, bitch from slovenian kennel Desert Queen, born from Vertragus Tuscia and Adelchi Leopoldo. Welcome home, Tia!

Details in Our Dogs section.


Great results of Donna and Cali during second day of Kecskemet show! Donna is taking CAC CACIB and BOB, Calicanto CAC CACIB and BOS.

Both Donna and Calicanto are becoming then Hungarian Champions!

Laszlo Erdos (H) was judging today's show. Details in Dog Show section.


Donna and Cali are winning evening sighthound speciality show in Kecskemet! Both are getting CAC, but this time Donna is BOB.

Show was judged by Gyorgy Tesic from Serbia. Details in Dog Show section.


Very good results of our dogs during first day of show in Kecskemet! Donna gets CAC CACIB and is BOS, Calicanto - CAC CACIB and BOB!!!

Judging - Judit Szanka from Hungary. Details in Dog Show section.


Next super show for Dipsy today!  Dipsy is taking JUNIOR BIS at Sighthound National Speciality Show in Olsztyn!!!

Donna is taking CAC and BOS! Calicanto, Fernando and Hadria are taking CAC.

Fernando collected his 50th CAC today!!!

Iveta Vojtekova was judging PLI competition. Bitte Ahrens was judging Junior BIS competition.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Dipsy is BEST IN SHOW at Sighthound Festival 2009 - Club Winner Show in Olsztyn n/Czestochowa!!!

9 month old Dipsy takes all - Junior Club Winner, BOB and finally BIS!!!

Dipsy was also awarded for Best Movement and Best Coat!

Also our Donna is having great day getting Club Winner title! By getting next CAC Donna is becoming Polish Champion!

Bitte Ahrens was judging this show.

Details in Dog Show section.


Another great day for us in Debrecen. This time Dipsy gets not only CAJC and best junior, but gets his first BOB!

Hadria is also having good day geting CAC CACIB and BOS! She becomes Hungarian Champion!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Excelent day for our dogs during first show in hungarian Debrecen.

Dipsy in his debut in junior class gets CAJC (HPJ) and is JrBOB.

Hadria is having another great day getting all: CAC CACIB and BOB!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Gobi gets CAC during speciality show for hunting dogs in Piotrkow Trybunalski. By doing that she becomes Polish Champion!

Also Dipsy has a very good debut on show rings getting VP note in puppy class on the same show.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Next excellent show for our Hadria in hungarian Szombathely! She takes it all getting CAC, CACIB and BOB! Tytti is getting excellent notes from italian judge Antonio di Lorenzo, however this time she's second in her class.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Excellent day for our dogs at today's CACIB show in Oberwart! Tytti gets CACA CACIB and BOB! Hadria was showing for the first time in honorary class for Interchampions and was best bitch in breed and BOB! She also became Austrian Champion!

Details in Dog Show section.


Litter C is there! Today Donna delivered a beautiful puppy girl - Charlotte! Father is Calicanto du Domaine de Chanteloup. Details in Litters and Puppies sections.


Artemis is getting CAC at the International Dog Show in Krakow. Congratulations to Boticelli Tileco, son of our Fernando for CAJC and JrBOB! Details in Dog Show section.


Time for goodbyes cont...

Today was BOADICEA's turn to leave for her new home. Bodi was the last from B litter. She lives now in Slovenia at Desert Queen kennel. We wish you luck and joy, Bodi! Be well and be happy!


Second day of the show was also successful for our Raki. This time she gets CAC, CACIB and BOS! It is already 5th CACIB of our Arrakis! Details in Dog Show section.


Very good news from hungarian Szekesfehervar Double CACIB show! First day of the show was a success of our dogs: Calicanto gets CAC and Arrakis CAC CACIB and is BOB!!! Details in Dog Shows section.


Time for goodbyes...

Time for packing little bags with beloved toys and time for last kisses goodbye. Little BELLEROFON (Fonek) was the first to leave our home. Fonek find new home in Łódź. We hope he will bring a lot of joy to his new family! This Saturday also BACCIO (Całusek) and BAUBLIS (Lisek Baublisek) start their new ways of life. BACCIO is now living in beautiful Eger (Hungary) and have now a "Big Brother" - a greyhound. BAUBLIS find his new place at Volpino Mini kennel in Wałbrzych (South-West Poland). Chihuahuas and a "Bigger Brother" - whippet will be his companions. We miss you all very much, guys! Be well and be happy! 


...and welcome home time - a new IG joined us this week, son of our Fernando - FABRIZIO All`Italica. C.I.B. Multi CH Rosamaria Italica is Fabrizio's mother. Welcome home Fibi!!!


Prestige CACIB show in Leszno was again a success of our dogs. Donna gets her 5th CACIB, Calicanto - resCACIB!

Details in Dog Shows section.

Photos: Marta Pacanowska


Also Club Show in Salzburg was successful for us! Both Arrakis and Calicanto gets CACA and they are taking 3rd place in Best Brace competition!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Great success of our dogs at the International Dog Show in Salzburg! Arrakis gets CACA CACIB and BOB, then is 3rd in Group X competition! Bravo Raki!!!

Also Calicanto had a fantastic day getting CACA CACIB and BOS!

We can say that we have dominated IG competition there!

Judge was Gunter Ehrenrich from Austria (IG competition) and Gerard Jipping from Netherlands (Group X finals).

Details in Dog Shows section.


International Show in Lodz was a successful show for our Tytti! She gets excelent notes and becomes PL Champion and Interchampion!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Forum Romanum rocks in Opole! Opole International Dog Show was once again a lucky place for us! For both Calicanto and Arrakis this show was a success! Cali made just great show performance winning IG competition and Raki was BOS, both get CACIB titles today! In fact we took everything!

Details in Dog Shows section.


We have puppies! Four puppies (3 boys and 1 girl) were born today! See litters and puppies sections for details!


Donna gets CACIB on International Dog Show in Katowice! Judging: Stefan Stefik from Slovakia.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Artemis is now Polish Champion!!! She gets CAC on national show in Jaroslaw and completes the championship! Calicanto also takes CAC and starts his way to Polish Championship.

Details in Dog Show section.


IG Rank 2008 results oficially announced! Fernando takes 2nd place, Artemis is the 3rd and the best bitch, six dogs from our kennel in first 10 of the rank!!!

Details in IG rank section.


Good result of our Donna on Champions Show in Leszno. Donna obtains CAC and Champion of Champions title. She also begins her way to the adult Polish championship.

Details in Dog Shows section.


We would like to welcome new dogs to our kennel. Both are coming from French kennel Domaine de Chanteloup. Dipsy - beautiful black puppy male which is our hope for future shows and breeding and Calicanto - very elegant isabel male who will be our guest star for next few months.

Details in Our Dogs section.


Arrakis gets CAC at national dog show in Bydgoszcz and becomes first adult champion with Forum Romanum kennel name! Raki is now Polish Champion! Bravo!

Judging was Aleksander Waszkowski (PL). Details in Dog Shows section.


Good result of Donna during second day of Brno show. Donna gets CAC and is then half way thru Czech Championhip! Bravo!

Also good result of our Gobi on II Intenational Dog Show in Rzeszów. Gobi get a CAC. Next CAC will make her Polish Champion! Judging was Kazimierz Rychlik (PL).

Details in Dog Show section.


Great succes of our Donna on 2xCACIB show in Brno (CZ). Donna takes CACIB and is BOB, then takes 4th place during Group X finals! Bravo!!!

Judging was Salvator Tripoli from Italy. Details in Dog Shows section.


New Year, time to summarize last year's outcome. It was a very good and successful year for our kennel. We are very proud of success of our  "A" litter and excellent results of our dogs in Poland and abroad.

Taking about dog shows year 2008 was extremely successful. Our dogs were winning on many shows. Last year's statistics are really impressive: 26 CACIB, 10 res-CACIB, 77 CAC, 34 CAJC, 28 BOB, 2 BOG, 2 BOG-2, 2 BOG-3 and finally the most precious last year's achievement - Junior BIS of Dior Donna on Club Show in Tulln and club wins of Artemis and Donna in Austria and Artemis in Poland.

Last year our dogs collect next champion titles: 1 Interchampion, 4 Slovenian, 2 Hungarian and 11 Junior championships from 6 countries.

We would like to thank all breeders of our dogs for their support and advices, help and for sharing knowledge with us. We wish you all Happy New Year and many success in breeding and on the shows!


Excellent results of our Donna during double CACIB show in Wels. Donna gets 2 CACA and 2 CACIB's! Bravo! Results in Dog Shows section.


Good start of our dogs in Nitra. Arrakis and Fernando get res-CACIBs, Artemis get CAC.

Results in Dog Show section.


Good start of our Gobi and Fernando at CAC show in Zabrze. Gobi gets her first CAC and starts her trip to polish championship, Fernando is again BOB. Judge was Maria Zasada (PL).

Details in Dog Show section.


Great day for our Arrakis. She wins open class and by getting CAC she starts her way to hungarian championship! Bravo! Donna is second in junior class. Judge was Per Lundstrom from Sweden.

Full results in Dog Shows section.


Excellent performace of our dogs during Sighthound Club Show in Budapest! Artemis wins intermediate class competition, Arrakis, Hadria and Nando takes second places and res-CAC! Donna takes 3rd place in junior class! Judge was Bitte Ahrens from Italy.

Full details in Dog Shows section.


Good results of all our IG team on European Dog Show in Budapest. All of our dogs gets excellent notes. Judge was Libuse Ubrova from Czech Republic.

Full details of IG competition in Dog Shows section.


Fantastic performance of our girls in Tulln again, this time on OKZWR Trophy show. Artemis is awarded OKZWR Trophy Winner title, but this show belongs to Donna who is OKZWR Trophy Junior Winner, gets BOB, then takes Junior BIS!!! Judge was Bitte Ahrens. Bravo!

Today Donna becomes Austrian Junior Champion!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Excellent results of our girls during Tulln Bundessieger show. Donna is winning junior class and getting Bundesjugendsieger title, Artemis is getting CACIB and Bundessieger title. Both girls were also awarded with Crufts qualifications!! Good job, girls!

Details in Dog Shows section.


We are happy to announce that our Fernando became father for the second time! Today four lovely puppies (3 girls + 1 boy) were born in Czech kennel Tileco. The litter "B" in Tileco kennel is after Fernando and Int CH Afrodita Moravia Krystal. Mother and puppies are all feeling well. Congratulations!


Second day of Maribor show was equally successful for our team. Fernando gets next CACIB and BOB, Hardia gets CACIB. Nando becomes Champion of Slovenia.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Nando gets another CACIB and Hadi res-CACIB in Maribor, Slovenia. Hadria becomes Slovenian Champion.

Details in Dog Shows section.


48th National Show in Chorzów was very successful for our Donna who was BOB, for the first time in her career. Judge was Bjorg Foss from Norway. Donna receive an excellent note and comments from Bjorg.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Sunny...     07.05.2007 - 12.09.2008

Sunny, our beloved little star... you fade away so suddenly, so unexpectedly...

You leave a little piece of you in all of us...

You probably chase your rabbits, race with horses or wind... in your heaven...

Just like you used to do every day...

We will remember you that way - free as a bird, full of joy and energy...

We miss you so much, our dearest little Sunny...


Another great succes of our Sunny (Aegis)! This Sunday Sunny gets BOB and takes BOG-1 on CAC show in Pula, Croatia!!! Judge was Damir Skokk from Croatia.

By doing that Sunny became Jr Champion of Croatia! This is her third Jr Championship already!!! Bravo!!!


Summary of last weekend:

1 weekend

2 countries

5 dogs

9x CAC


3x res-CACIB

4x BOB


BOG 3-4

Forum Romanum team in action! :)


Second day of Debrecen show was again a great success for us! Artemis and Fernando are returning with CACIBs, Argos and Hadi with res-CACIBs. This time Nando is getting BOB - 20th in his show career!!!

Today Nando completed Hungarian Grand Championship! Argos started his way to Hungarian Champion title and to Internchampion. Bravo!!!

Details in Dog Show section.

Again, that's not everything! Great success of our Sunny in Slovenia! She gets CAC, BOB and is BOG-2 during Trbovlje show!!! Jugde: Tino Pehar (CRO).


Fantastic results of our dogs during first day of double CACIB show in Debrecen, Hungary! Artemis and Fernando are getting CACIBs and Hadria gets res-CACIB!! Artemis is BOB and BOG-3-4!!! Judge was Stefan Sinko from Slovenia and Christian Vantu from Romania.

Details in Dog Shows section.

That's not all! Our Sunny gets CAC and BOB on Zasavje show in Slovenia! Judge: Stefan Stefik (SK).


Fernando wins again! He takes BOB and is BOG-2 during CAC show in Radom!!! Argos, Arrakis nad Artemis are all getinng CAC on the same show.

Details in Dog Show section.


One more successful show for our dogs. This time Argos, Arrakis, Artemis and Fernando, they all get CAC during national show in Nowy Targ. Artemis gets BOB.

Full results in Dog Show section.


Fantastic debut of Arrakis and Artemis in adult competition during International Dog Show in Sopot! 15 months and 3 days old Arrakis takes CACIB and BOB, her litter sister Artemis is just behind her with CAC and res-CACIB! 15 IG's were starting in that show, including our multichampion Fernando and two champion dogs from Finland.

Details in Dog Shows section.


Arrakis gets BOB on CAC show in Zakopane beating her father Fernando for the first time. Nando gets his 40th CAC and Tytti her another CAC from Poland. She needs one more to complete Polish Championship.

Details in Dog Shows section.


We have two new Junior Champions of Poland!!! Argos and Arrakis complete their Jr Championships at CAC show in Bedzin! Fernando was again BOB.

We are very proud to announce that ALL PUPPIES from our "A" litter are now Junior Champions from at least one country! We would like to say thank you to Mariann and Mojca, owners of Argos and Aegis (Sunny) for showing our dogs!


Excellent performance of our dogs in Szomabthely, Hungary! Fernando and Tytti are getting CACIBs, Hadria gets CAC. Fernando becomes Hungarian Show Champion!!!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Very good results of our IG's in austrian Oberwart. Donna gets her first Jugendbester and Fernando collects his next CACA, 11th in his collection from Austria! Bravo!!! Details in Dog Shows section.


We have next Junior Champion of Poland! Our Donna have completed today her junior championship at CAC show in Ustron. Bravo Donna!!!

IG competition results in Dog Show section.


Great succes of our dogs on CACIB show in our home town - Krakow! Fernando, Hadria and Tytti are all getting CACIB titles! For Fernando it is his 10th CACIB! Additionaly he is also BOB today. Bravo Fernando!!! Judge was Jaroslav Matyas from Slovakia.

Also Tytti gets BOB and today she started her way to Polish adult championship.

Results in Dog Shows section.


Donna wins again! Our youngest IG - Donna wins Junior class competition at the International Dog Show in Szczecin. Bravo Donna!!! Also Hadria was having a good day winning Champion Class and getting Best Adult Bitch in Breed. Judge was Rita Reyniers from Belgium. Details in Dog Shows section.


Excellent show debut of our youngest IG - Donna who wins Junior class competition in Kalisz (CAC). donna was very close to BOB title, however judge Mrs. Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska this time finally chose our Fernando for BOB. Bravo Donna!!! Bravo Fernando!!!


We have another Junior Champion from our first litter! Today Argos get his 3rd CAJC (HPJ) and BOB on Pecs CACIB show! Argos is now Hungarian Junior Champion!!! Jugde was Andras Korozs. Bravo Argos!!!


Fernando wins again on CAC show in Wałbrzych! Young Arrakis is getting her second CAJC and she misses one CAJC to get her Jr CH of Poland! Hadria is BOS this time. Details in Dog Shows section.


We have Austrian Jr Champion! Artemis wins Junior class again, this time on Sighthound Festival in Salzburg! At the same show Fernando collects his 10th CAC from Austria (from 11 shows). Bravo!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Fantastic start of our IG's in Salzburg! Fernando gets his 9th CACIB (3rd from Austria) and is BOS! Our young Artemis is winning Junior class and is one CAJC from Austrian Jr Champion title! Bravo!!!


We have another Junior Champion!!! Today Gobi completed her Junior Championship of Poland at the CAC dog show in Radom. Bravo Gobi!!!


Fantastic result of our Hadria during CAC show in Bytom! Hadi is BOB and takes 3rd place on finals of Group X!!! Artemis collects another CAJC and Best Junior at the same show. Bravo!!! Details in Dog Shows section.

Photo: Katarzyna Mirowska


Great results of our juniors on International Dog Show in Lodz! Argos and Gobi are getting their next CAJC in pretty strong competition! Hadi collects her another CAC! Bravo!!!


Hadria is getting her next CAC in Bydgoszcz. She's also BOS! Bravo!!!


Another great show of our Sunny (Aegis Forum Romanum)! During International Dog Show in Bar (Montenegro) Sunny is BOB and takes 3rd place on finals of Group X! Judge was Litov Kamen from Bulgaria. Bravo Sunny!!! Congratulations to Mojca Svetlicic, owner of Sunny!!!

Photo taken from Montenegro Kennel CLub website.


Artemis is now Junior Champion of Poland!!! Artemis and Argos are both getting CAJC in Dobre Miasto! Fernando gets his 30th CAC in his show career! Bravo!!!


Fantastic performance of our young Artemis during Sighthound Club Show in Opole! She wins junior competition becoming Junior Club Winner 2008 and additionally she gets her first BOB!!! Details in Dog Shows section.


Second day of Miskolc show gave us two CAC and one more CACIB to Hadria. Fernando is now one CAC from Hungarian Show Champion and Hadi just started her way to Hungarian Championship. Bravo again!


Great performance of our IGs at International Dog Show in Miskolc, Hungary! Fernando adds next CAC and CACIB to his collection and becomes Hungarian Champion!!! Hadria collects res-CAC and res-CACIB. Bravo!!! Details in Dog Show Section.


Gobi gets her first CAJC at the International Dog Show in Opole! Bravo Gobi!

Full details of IG competition in Opole are in Dog Shows section.


Wonderful news from Slovenia! Our Hadria was a real star of IG competition during International Double CACIB Show in Celje, Slovenia getting two CACIB's! By doing that Hadria became Interchampion!!! Bravo Hadi!!!  We would like to congratulate Hadria`s breeder - Elena Egorowa for breeding this wonderfull girl!

At the same show Tytti get another CACIB and BOB and Sunny (Aegis Forum Romanum) get her second CAJC in Slovenia! Well done!!!


Very good results of our dogs at International Dog Show in Katowice! Artemis wins Junior class and gets Junior BOB, Fernando collects another res-CACIB, Hadria returns with another CAC. Detailed results in Dog Shows section.


Excellent results of our dogs at International Dog Show in Graz, Austria!

Our Artemis follows previous successes of Aegis and Artemis and wins Junior class competition!

Fernando gets another CACA for his collection (it is his 8th CACA in nine shows in Austria).

Hadria shows her perfect temperament and exceelent mood and gets CACA, CACIB and BOS!

Tytti collects CACA, CACIB and BOB!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Sunny wins again!!! This time she gets two Best Junior and once is Junior BOB on double CACIB show in Zagreb. Judging: Thana Achariyaw from Thailand and Lotte Jorgensen from Denmark. Bravo Sunny!!!


Final results of IG Rank 2007 were just announced! We are very proud to say that Fernando is 2nd IG in the rank and our Hadria is Best Bitch and 4th in the entire rank! Bravo Nando and Hadi!!! Details in IG Rank section.


Great news from Slovenia!!! Our "SUNNY" (AEGIS FORUM ROMANUM) in her first show in junior class in Celje TAKES BOB and is  BEST OF GROUP X!!!!! Judge was Miklos Levente from Hungary. Bravo Sunny!!! Keep it like that!!! Congratulations and huge thanks to Mojca Svetlicic, owner of "Sunny"!!!

Details in Dog Shows section.

source: www.e-wuff.com


Excellent debut on show ring of our Arrakis at I International Dog Show in Rzeszow! Arrakis gets her first CAJC and is Best Junior in breed! Bravo Raki!!! Hadria gets another CAC and res-CACIB! Details in Dog Shows section.


Hadria and Fernando are getting CAC and Fernando is BOS at winter show in Głogów. Details in Dog Shows section.


Show season 2008 started with very good results of our dogs at Ljubljana/Tromostovje 2xCACIB and Club Shows. Kerttu and Rudi are now Slovenian Champions! Tytti made her first steps for that title. Hadria and Fernando did very well in a strong international competition from Italy and other countries. Details in Dog Shows section.


We would like to wish all breeders, our friends and visitors Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008!!!


Last year was very good for our kennel. We had our first IG litter. All puppies are perfectly healthy and very beautiful. We hope they all will become show stars in near future.

Taking about dog shows year 2007 was also excellent year for us. Our dogs were winning on many shows in Poland and abroad (Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia). In total this year our dogs get 23 CACIB titles, 7 res-CACIB, 53 CAC, 6 CAJC and Best Junior, 24 BOB, 3 BOG-3, 2 BOG-2 and 1 JrBOG-2. Apart of show titles and prizes we are also proud to get 3 Interchampion titles, 4 Polish CH, 3 Austrian CH, 2 Hungarian CH, 1 Lithuanian CH, 1 Austrian Jr CH and 1 Polish JrCH, also 2 Austrian Bundessieger and Club Winner titles from Poland and Slovenia.

We would like to thank all breeders of our dogs for their support and advices, help and for sharing knowledge with us. We wish you all Happy New Year and many success in breeding and on the shows!


Vilnius 2x CACIB show was the last show for us this year and it was a successful show! Kerttu became Lithuanian Champion, Tytti and Hadi get 2 CAC each and are close to LT CH titles! Kerttu and Hadi are coming back with one CACIB and one res-CACIB each. Tytti and Fernando get one res-CACIB each.

Details in Dog Shows section.


WIth great pleasire we would like to announce a new dog in our kennel! Dior Donna came to us from Slovenian kennel Desert Queen. Welcome home, Donna!!!


Very good results of our dogs at double CACIB show in Wels, Austria! Tytti gets her first CACIB title, Hadria and Fernando returns with 2 res-CACIB titles each! Tytti also became Austrian Junior Champion! Details in Dog Shows section.


Excellent results of our Sunny (Aegis Forum Romanum) on 2xCACIB show in Zagreb! Sunny gets twice very promissing note, on Saturday from Davor Javor and on Sunday from Tino Pehar, both judges from Croatia. Well done, Sunny!


Fantastic results of our IGs on 2nd International Dog Show in Kielce! Both Hadria and Fernando are getting CACIB titles! By doing that Fernando becomes Interchampion! Big congratulations to Susie Björch, breeder of Fernando!!!

But that's not the end of this great day for Fernando! He is getting BOB and then he takes second place on X Group finals! Bravo!!!

Details in Dog Shows section.


Hadria is getting res-CACIB on Middle and Eastern European Winner Show in Poznan! Fernando is once again second in champion class. Details in Dog Shows section.


Kerttu and Rudi are getting Middle and Eastern European Winner and Poland Winer titles in Poznan international dog show! The same day Fernando receive beautiful cup for winning Sighthounds Club IG Show Rank for 2006! Among winners of all breeds of X Group Fernando takes 3rd place! At the Sighthound Club Show Nando is second in champion class.
Details in Dog Shows section.


Great results of our cirnecos: Kerttu and Rudi in Budapest! Both dogs becomes Hungarian Champions! Details in DOg Shows section.

That weekend was very special for us for yet another reason - show debut of two IG's of our own breeding: Aegis and Argos. Aegis get Very Promising from italian judge Paola Watten at the CAC Show in Maribor (SLO). Argos get two times Very Promissing at 2xCACIB Show in Budapest - on Saturday from Luis Catalan (Portugal) and on Sunday from Judit Szanka (Hungary). Bravo!!!


Fantastic performance of our IG's on Zabrze CAC show! Hadria gets CAC and becomes Polish Champion, Fernando is again BOB and takes 3rd place in Group X!


New pictures were added to the Picture Gallery, including pictures of our youngest Raki, Temis and Gobi.


Excellent results of our dogs at International Dog Show in Tulln! Fernando, Kerttu and Rudi are now Austrian Champions! Both cirneco also get Austrian Bundessieger 2007 titles and Cruft's nominations! Details in Dog Shows section.


Good news from Club Show for the V Group! Our Kerttu is Club Winner 2007, Kerttu and Rudi are the best brace in breed! Details in Dog Shows section.


The results of IG competition from national dog show in Chorzów were added. This time Hadria gets BOB. Both Hadria and Nando are getting excellent notes from norwegian judge Elli Marie Klepp!


A new slide show was added to Impressions page. This time it is devoted to our three little devil ladies :)


We are excited to announce that we just get a new dog for our kennel! Gobi came to us from Tiglash Pileser kennel from Belgium. Welcome home, Gobi!!!


Good result of Fernando and Hadi (who's coming back to dog shows after pregnancy) at Bedzin show. Nando gets BOB and Hadi 12 weeks after delivery gets her another CAC and is just one step away from Polish Champion title!


Another good show for our dogs, this time in Szombathely, Hungary. Tytti wins the breed, Rudi gets his 9th  CACIB, Kerttu and Nando with another CAC. Kerttu, Nando and Rudi are one CAC away from Hungarian Championship! Rudi also gets Savaria Winner '07 title for double CACIB on Oberwart/Szombathely shows!


Two pupies from our first litter went to their new homes: Aegis to Slovenia, Argos to Budapest, Hungary. We wish good luck Aegis and Argos and their new owners!


Great news from austrian Oberwart! Kerttu and Rudi become our first Interchampion`s !!! Big congratulations to Marina and Urska - the breethers of both dogs!

Fernando gets his another CACA starting in very strong competition. Next CACA will make him Austrian Champion. Tytti gets CAJC and just like Nando with every next CAJC she becomes Austrian Junior Champion!


Excellent result of Fernando on XI National Dog Show in Nowy Targ. Nando gets BOB and takes second place on group finals! Details in Dog Shows section.


Today is 3rd anniversary of our first champion - Argento Vivo. Happy Birthday Agi!!!


Argento gets CAC and BOB on national dog show in Ustroń.


Very good results of Fernando and Tytti on Bytom CAC show! Tytti becomes Polish Junior Champion! For details go to Dog Shows section.


Great performance of our dogs on Krosno CAC show! Both Fernando and Tytti are getting BOB and then taking 3rd place in their groups! See Dog Shows secton for more details.


First puppies in our kennel were born yesterday evening! See litters and puppies sections for details!


Good performance of our cirneco bitches on Opole International Dog Show! Kerttu get CACIB and becomes Polish Champion, Tytti gets her first Junior Winner title in the country (she already has one CAJC from Austria). Details in Dog Shows section.


We are very excited to announce that we expect puppies!!! Our Hadria was successfuly mated with Fernando. First IG litter in our kennel is expected around mid May! See litters section for more details.


IG results from CACIB show in Szilvasvarad, Hungary added to Dog Shows section.


Wonderful results of our IG's in Top IG rank of Polish Sigthhound Club for year 2006! Fernando wins and becomes Top IG '06. He is ranked 3rd among all breeds of group X! Argento is second best male and takes 4th place in IG rank! Hadria who was making first steps on the rings in 2006 is 3rd best bitch and takes 6th place in entire IG rank! Details in IG rank section.


Fantastic achievement of our IGs during Katowice CACIB show! Hadria and Nando are taking all, so we return with 2 CACIB titles, Nando is Best male, Hadria is BOB! Details in Dog Shows section.


Very good results of our dogs in Graz CACIB show. Rudi gets CACIB, Nando returns with res-CACIB, Tytti have her successful debut in junior class getting excellent note and Junior Winner title. Details in Dog Shows section.


We invite you to visit our second website on Chiens de France portal. This site adds interesting view on pedigrees of our dogs, list recent show results and many more interesting inforamtion. Website is available in French, English and Spanish (under construction). Here's the link to the site: http://forum-romanum.chiens-de-france.com/


Good results of our dogs in slovenian Celje on Winter Winner 2007 show. Hadria, Nando and Rudi get thier CAC. Hadi also gets her first BOB and Slovenian Winter Winner '07 title. Rudi collects Slovenian Club Winner title for the second year in a row! Details in Dog Shows section.


Rzeszow CAC show was once again successful for us. Fernando and Rudi completed their adult championships of Poland, Hadria successfuly started her way to championship by getting her first CAC in her first show in adult competition! Details in Dog Shows section.


Show season 2007 was started by triple show in Ljubljana (2xCACIB and Sighthound Club Show). Our dogs get first CACIB titles this year! Details in Dog Shows section.

At the same time it was for us a time of family meetings. We had a pleasure to meet Urska Trojar, breeder of our Rudi. We also met Eledi Grace Hashlerka - sister of our Hadi.

At this occasion we would like to thank Urska and her mother for their hospitality. It was a great pleasure to meet you again!


The official Polish IG show ranking is starting this year. The results will be published on Polish Sighthound Club website and on our site in IG rank 2007 section. Ranking will be updated at the end of each month. We invite you to visit our website and follow the results of the competition.


Year 2006 was very successful for our kennel. Hadria - our first IG bitch joined us at the very beginning of the year, then we get Tytti, very beautiful and promising cirneco female. This year achievements were: first adult champion title (Agi), 3 junior champion titles (Kerttu, Nando and Rudi), our dogs were given 17 CACIB titles, 3 res-CACIB, 30 CAC and 12 JCAC. Our Fernando was 5 times on the podium of X group, two times winning group competition and once he was second best dog of the show (BIS-2) in Zakopane.

This year Forum Romanum was FCI registered kennel name. Currently we have 3 stud dogs and one bitch registered. Next year Hadria and Tytti will be joining them. We are planning our first litters of italian greyhounds and cirneco dell'etna by the end of 2007, beginning of 2008. Details regarding planned litters will be presented in Litters section in near future. People interested in puppies are welcome to contact us.

We would like to thank all breeders of our dogs for their confidence in us, for their advices, help and for sharing knowledge with us. We wish you all Happy New Year and many success in breeding and on the shows!


January issue of Moj Pies (My Dog) brings us an article by Urszula Charytonik about Cirneco dell' Etna breed with the photos of our cirnecos!!!


We are inviting you to see new slide show in Impressions section.


Vilnius double CACIB show was very successful for our Rudi who returns with full set of CACIB's. Kerttu was given 1x CAC and 2x res-CACIB, Nando - two times excellent. Details in Dog Show section.


Another succesful show was Winter Winner and V group Club Winner show in Celje, Slovenia. Our cirnecos return with Club Winner 2006 titles, Kerttu and Fernando also with Winter Winner 2006! At the same time all three dogs get their CAC and started their way to Slovenian championships.


Wels CACIB show was another success for our dogs: Fernando and Kerttu returns with CACIB titles! Details in Dog Show section.


Fernando noted excellent during World Dog Show in Poznan! Cirneco ended up with "very good". We find it pretty unfair, regarding Kerttu in particular. As for the show, we have mixed emotions, mostly because of very poor organization of the show, list of judges far from expected and finally poor quality of judging. Also judging "by the other side of the leash" was pretty common practice there. It shouldn't happen on such prestigious show...


International Dog Show in Wroclaw didn't bring us expected results, mainly for two reasons: absence of our Hadria and really strange judging by Mrs. Staniszewska-Borkowska who gave our Fernando very good with a comment that he's "middle sized, slight dog of not contemporary type"... Sure! It's because we've dig Fernando up during our trip to Egypt ;))) Because of the fact that the other dogs were noted excellent despite of the fact that some of them weren't matching FCI standard we leave it all without any comment...


Excellent results of our dogs on 2xCACIB show in Kecskemet (Hungary). We are coming back with 6 CACIB titles and Tytti gets excellent notes in Baby class in her first shows!!! Fernando gets qualified for Crufts Show! Details in Dog Shows section.


We are very proud to inform about another new dog in our kennel! Today join us Colombian Friend's CIERTO CHILI, our second cirneco dell'Etna bitch. For more details please visit Our Dogs and Picture Gallery. Welcome home Tytti!!!


Fernando and Rudi gets BOB on CAC show in Rzeszów! Details in Dog Shows section.


Extraordinary news from Zakopane CAC show! Fernando wins breed, group and then takes second place in big final of the show in really great style!!! Hadria gets JCAC in her debut in junior class! For details and photos please visit Dog Shows section.


Excellent news from Oberwart CACIB show! Fernando, Kerttu and Rudi are coming back with CACIB titles! Details in Dog Shows section.


Great news from CAC show in Krosno! Fernando wins CAC, BOB and is BOG-2! By doing that Fernando fulfilled formal requirements for a stud dog!

Kerttu gets CAC and BOB! Hadria is again vp1 and Best Puppy. Details in Dog Shows section.


We would like to invite you today to a new page on our website called Impressions where you will find most recent and most interesting photos of our dogs. Photos presented on Impressions will be changed for new ones on a regular basis. Today we are introducing a presentation for May and June. To be continued...


Great start of our dogs in adult competition at Warsaw CACIB! Nando, Kerttu and Rudi gets their first CACIB titles! Details in Dog Shows section.


Kerttu gets her fifth JCAC and third BOB, Hadria an excellent note and her second Best Puppy title on International Dog Show in Krakow. Details in Dog Shows section.


Argento becomes Polish Champion after the show in Lublin where he gets his 5th CAC and BOS! He is  first adult champion in our kennel. Bravo Agi!!!

At the same show Kerttu gets JCAC and BOB. Details in Dog Shows section.


Excellent news from European Show in Helsinki! Fernando "F" litter sisters Felicia and Fiona wins IG Junior Class competition! Felicia wins and gets EurJW'06 title, Fiona is second!

Kerttu's siblings from "Golden litter" were equally fantastic! Eetu (Colombian Friend's Golden Gift) and Goldy (Colombian Friend's Go For Gold) both get EufJW'06!!!

IGs from Eledi Grace kennel were also very good there. Hadria's sister - Eledi Grace Honey Laurelle Acameo is second in puppy class, Hadi's mother - Soltar's My Blue Angel is 3rd in champion class!

Big congratulations to Susie Bjorch, Marina Isaksson and Elena Egorova! Bravo!!!


Great news from International Dog Show in Łódź! Fernando wins junior class competition and in the finals takes 3rd place in Junior BOG! By getting his 3rd JCAC Fernando became Junior Champion of Poland and he did that in great style! Argento gets another CAC and res-CACIB. Worth to mention that our Hadria makes really great ring debut with very promising note and excellent descripition from Italian judge! Details in Dog Shows section.


Excellent news from International Dog Show in Opole! Argento gets CACIB and Best Dog, Fernando his second Best Junior title. Both are on a good way to their champion titles. As for our cirnecos both Kerttu and Rudi get their 3rd Best Junior titles and therefore became Junior Champions of Poland!


Last days Nando, Rudi and Kerttu had their first anniversary, Hadi is 5 months old already! At this occasion we add new photos to Picture Gallery.


The results of Katowice Interantional Dog Show were added to the Dog Show section.


Kerttu and Rudi continues their way to Junior Champion titles. This time Rudi gets BOB. Their results from XV Club Dog Show in Legionowo in Dog Shows section.


Fantastic results of our dogs for the beginning of new show season! Fernando wins breed and group on XXXV National Dog Show in Rzeszów! Argento successfully continues his way to adult Champion title. Kerttu and Rudi starts their way to Junior Champion titles, Kerttu takes BOB! Details in Dog Shows section.


More photos of Hadria from her first days with us and most recent photos of all other dogs added to  Picture Gallery.


We are proud to inform about another new dog in our kennel! Today we welcome Eledi Grace HADRIA di FORUM ROMANUM, an italian greyhound bitch coming from well known latvian kennel Eledi Grace. Hadria was born from multichampion dogs Eledi Grace CARIO MARSELLO and Soltar's MY BLUE ANGEL.


Argento was officially registered as stud dog in ZKWP Krakow.


We are pleased to inform that after last show in Kielce our Argento Vivo fulfilled formal requirements for a stud dog and made first step in his way to adult Champion of Poland title. Starting from January 2006 Argento becomes first stud dog in our kennel! People interested in mating with our Argento are welcome to contact us.


Show results from XXXIX National Dog Show in Kielce added to the Dog Shows section. Argento gets his first CAC title, Rudi in his last show in puppy class gets Best Puppy title and takes place in Top Ten Best Puppy Final of the Show.


Show results from 2xCACIB International Dog Show in Tata (Hungary) were added. Our Kerttu awarded VP1, Best Puppy and BOB (unofficialy)! Details in Dog Shows section.


Show results from National Dog Show in Zabrze and CACIB show in Rostock added.


New photos of our dogs added to Picture Gallery!


Show results from V Group Club Dog Show in Lodz were added (Cirneco dell'Etna).


Show results from National Dog Show in Warsaw and 2xCACIB in Kecskemét (Hungary) were added. Details in Dog Shows section.


Show results from National Dog Shows in Częstochowa and Włocławek were added. Details in Dog Shows section.


Show results from National Dog Show in Rzeszów were added. Details and photos of Argento and the rest of our dogs in Dog Shows section.


Show results from National Dog Show in Rzeszów were added. Our Argento awarded Best Junior, Best Dog and BOB! Details and photos in Dog Shows section.


Show results from National Dog Show in Chojnice and International Dog Show in Sopot were added. Details in Dog Shows section.


New photos of our dogs added to Picture Gallery!


Show results from National Dog Show in Nowy Sącz were added. For details visit Dog Shows section.


We are proud to present three new dogs in our kennel!

Recently joined us:

Il Cagnolino FERNANDO - an italian greyhound from famous danish kennel, a dog born from Interchampion and Worldwinner 2002 Dynastie Duranni's YEHUDI BLUE and Interchampion

Il Cagnolino ETAZIA.

We have great pleasure to announce first cirneco dell'Etna in Poland ever! Joined us:

LIKE GIGI MAGIC of Double Star - imported from Slovenia, a dog born from worldwinner and interchampion GUFO and interchampion EEGA BEEVA from Double Star kennel.


Colombian Friend's GOLDEN FRIEND - imported from Finland, a bitch after Giltedged RELOADED Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Champion and interchampion Iosono MILLA MAGIA.

Details in Our Dogs and Picture Gallery sections.


IG show results from International Dog Show in Warszawa and National Dog Show in Gdynia were added. For full details visit Dog Shows section.


Show results from National Dog Show in Gorzów and International Dog Show in Kraków were added. For details visit Dog Shows section.


IG show results from National Dog Show in Inowrocław and International Dog Show in Leszno were added. For full details visit Dog Shows section.


New photos added to the Picture Gallery - this time Argento's professional photo session! Photos by M@dj@


Another win of our Argento! This time IG Best Junior title on XXXIV National Dog Show in Bytom. Note Excellent 1. Gold Medal. Judging Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowksa from Poland. That means that Argento became Junior Champion of Poland! And he's now 10 months old only! We are very, very proud of you, Agi!!!


Very good news again - Argento awarded IG Best Junior on XXXVIII National Dog Show in Kielce! Note Excellent 1. Gold Medal. Judging Wieslawa Misterka-Kluska from Poland.


Great success!!! Argento wins IG Junior Class on XIII International Dog Show in Lodz! Best Junior. Note Excellent 1. Gold Medal. Judging Gianfranco Bauchal from Italy. Bravo Agi!!!


Another success of our Argento! He wins IG Puppy Class on X International Dog Show in Katowice. Note Very Promising 1 and awarded Best Puppy title. Judging Stefan Stefik from Slovakia. Congratulations!!!


Argento's first succes on a dog show! Agie wins IG puppy competition on XXXIII National Dog Show in Rzeszów. Note Very Promising 1. Judge Zygmunt Jakubowski from Poland. Argento makes also his first appearance on a central ring in Best Puppy competition. Bravo Agie! Keep it like that!


Argento makes his first visit to a dog show - Sighthound Club Exposition in Swierklaniec.


Argento left his home in Ivanka to find a new one with us in Cracow. Welcome home Agi!!!